Neon Trees Singer Comes Out as 'Healthy Mormon Gay Pop Star'

Neon Trees Tyler GlennYou may not know the name Tyler Glenn (yet), but chances are you've heard his voice. Tyler is the lead singer of a little band called Neon Trees, and they had a smash hit a couple of years ago called "Everybody Talks."

You're singing it in your head right now, admit it! Just me? OK, never mind. Anyway, the 30-year-old frontman is making headlines again -- this time for opening up to Rolling Stone magazine about his sexuality and his upbringing in the Mormon church.

Apparently, Tyler identifies as both gay and as a member of the LDS community. He says that even though he's always felt like an "open book," it wasn't until late 2013 that he started coming out to his loved ones.

"I had my crushes on guys throughout high school, but it was never an overwhelming thing until my twenties," he revealed. "Then I'd be dating girls and in love with my straight friend and it was the worst feeling in the world."

He said that he was especially inspired to be honest about his romantic inclinations by "all of the sports figures that are coming out recently." He said, "I appreciated [that] Michael Sam was like, 'I want to be able to go to the movies and hold hands with my boyfriend.' Even hearing him say 'boyfriend,' I was just like, 'That's cool.'"

Yet he still identifies as Mormon, while the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has famously condemned homosexuality. How does he reconcile it?

He tweeted on Monday, "All I can say right now is I'm the happiest lil weirdo I've been in my whole entire life. Thank you for the support and love ... Yes. I am a happy and healthy Mormon gay pop star. I don't know what it all means, but I'm ok with it."

Are you inspired by the unlikely people coming out of the closet recently?


Image via Tyler Glenn/Facebook

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can_c... can_can21

I sincerely believe that a lot of people sell their soul and go gay in order to achieve fame. 

Laura Walteros

You can't go gay, you're born that way. And 'going gay to achieve fame' is just stupid. Most celebrities are still straight and going gay will rarely, if ever, bring in more fans but it sure lose fans as the bigots who enjoy their talents to begin with, which is what really matters, will boycott them because of something that doesn't affect them in the least unless they are personally sleeping with them.

nonmember avatar skipper

I always assumed he was gay. I'm glad he felt comfortable enough to come out. He doesn't need to sell his soul and come out as gay for fame. He is already quite famous just not in your circle. You probably consider Jesus a celebrity and he's not even real. Tyler was born gay just as you were born straight.

1Tall... 1TallMamaCA

He has come out with some in Hollywood already, this was just him choosing to do so on a public level.

What I hate is that people shouldnt have to come out, its crap. No one has to annouce they are straight, why should people have to annouce they are any form of  LGBT. 


You are born this way, why have to anounce it? 

I look forward to a day when there is no need to announce. It will likely never happen in my life time. 

Momma... MommaCady

Skipper you are one stupid atheist. For a group of people who rely so much on seeing to believing you dont even know history. Jesus was a real man. Read a history book. Now if you believe he's the Messiah or not is a different story. Now I wouldn't say jesus was a celebrity but he most certainly famous and very well known.

nonmember avatar skipper

Darling, MommaCady, I am far from stupid. I was raised in a strict Pentecostal home and I am very educated in biblical studies. I just don't need god in my life to be happy, have ethics and morals or to be fulfilled. Go ask god for forgiveness for calling me stupid. I guess talking animals, a huge ship that could carry every animal on the earth and a man in the sky that murdered every person on earth seems very plausible and real. I'm sure all of those things in the bible really happened. It must have been absolutely magical in those times.

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