Scott Disick Goes Commando -- MY EYES! (PHOTO)

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Scott Disick

Yowza! Well, this sure explains a thing or two. You guys? The paparazzi actually managed to snap a photo of Scott Disick's package, which was clearly visible protruding out through his sweatpants as he ran errands in Calabasas, California the other day.

Yes -- I said his package. As in his junk. As in why in the hell does Scott think it's perfectly acceptable and/or attractive to go commando while he's out in public -- in a pair of loose fitting pants?!?

I will forewarn you -- you can't un-see this once you've taken a peek.

Are you sure you're ready?


Scott Disick

You're welcome. Or, I'm sorry. Or ... OMG we all just saw Scott Disick's penis! (Scarred for life.)

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But let's go ahead and state the obvious ... that thing is fairly (ahem) substantial. And that kind of explains why Kourtney Kardashian can't seem to quit him -- even when he isn't exactly being a model boyfriend and father.

Oh come on. Every dude has his redeeming qualities, right? Some are just ... a little more obvious than others.

Does this picture turn you on or creep you out?


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nonmember avatar Kellie Meek

I just have to see what everyone else is saying. But I have like Scott. He may sometimes make bad decisions, but he's not a bad person. And haven't we all made a mistake or two?

Margaret King

Well that says a lot about you . why are you looking at his penis . Your one sick dude get a life . Look at yourself before you put others down . You must think your soooooo great . Feel very sorry for you . Why dont you put a picture up off yourself just saying .



monik... monika84084

Daaaaang!!! Boyfriend has it going on!

imult... imultracool

Doesn't seem that big to me.

kikitice kikitice

They always said he was hung! LMAO! Go 'head Scott! LOL

sexym... sexymom37

Nice package Scott. 

Kehrin Kehrin

I didn't see anything redeeming! 


nonmember avatar Seriously?

It's so sad when lady bloggers have to body shame men in order to prevent slut shaming themselves. It hurts both sexes. Men's bodies aren't gross or creepy. Embrace your sexuality, ladies.

nonmember avatar Chuck

I am assuming the women who are complaining about being able to see his package are careful to NEVER allow a sign of cleavage, nipple or camel toe.. EVER...

rstua... rstuart66

I can't believe I clicked to see.  

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