Jenelle Evans Shares Her Simple Secret to Staying Fit While Pregnant (PHOTO)

jenelle evans with son jaceJenelle Evans hasn't ever been much of a fitness enthusiast, but it seems like she's particularly serious about her wellness right now, as she's pregnant with her second baby. She's even been keeping up with workouts, it seems!

Jenelle took to Twitter today to share the "simple, easy" cardio/toning routine she's following called "The No Excuses Pregnancy Workout." Check it out ...

Cheers to that! Of course, every pregnant woman should trust her own body and talk to her doctor before doing any workout, but this one does look simple, effective, and most importantly, easy to tailor to suit your body's needs (e.g. you can walk vs. run).

Good on Jenelle for making her fitness a priority, but reiterating that it's totally possible to get your sweat on, even while "as pregnant" as she is right now!

What do you think about Jenelle's pregnancy workout? What was/is your pregnancy fitness plan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Becky

Jenelle should of first "worked out" plans to get her son back whom her mother has had for FOUR YEARS! MTV should not be televising or condoning this woman's behavior! I really like this site but you should not be promoting a woman who is constantly disrespecting her own mother and child, it's quite disgusting!

Lauren Marie Rasmussen

Wait. She's pregnant? Hasn't she been pregnant numerous times but ends up having miscarriages? She had an abortion last time because she was broken up with the father. And yes, she has a child her mother has custody of. This isn't her second pregnancy. She's a junkie who gets pregnant every year and aborts or goes on binges to miscarry. If she really loved being a mom she would have custody of her first.

nonmember avatar Karenita

The LAST thing she needs is a baby. She's in some fantasy world.

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