Amber Portwood May Be Struggling to Stay on Track After Prison

amber portwood leahSince getting out of jail and working on remaining sober, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood seems to be well on her way to recovery. But she still has days that are especially trying -- specifically, those she goes without seeing her little girl Leah.

Although Amber doesn't have custody of her daughter (Amber's ex Gary does), she still has regular visitation with her. But the days she doesn't get to see Leah seem to really get Amber down. She admitted how tough it can be, tweeting to her fans, "Is it possible to be this bored? Not good for me...can't wait for tomorrow. Sending love to all of you." Ack. Poor Amber!

Thankfully, it seems like her fans came to the rescue, suggesting music Amber could listen to in order to pass the time before seeing Leah again. And it must've worked!

Amber expressed her gratitude to them last night, tweeting ...

So awesome! Considering how much back and forth the Teen Mom cast members tend to have with their viewership -- and unfortunately, how much of it can be SO negative -- it's really heartening to hear that Amber's fans are actually helping her get through this tough time. Fingers crossed she continues to rely on not only them, but all the other positive support systems in her life, to make sure she stays on track!

What would you suggest Amber do to handle her boredom on days she can't see Leah?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar joyce neer

she could go for a walk or drive. Go visit family or go shopping or go get friends together and go get nails done or go to the spa with them or alone

nonmember avatar Amanda

She could go to a meeting and expand her support system. Connect with people that are actively working their program, and choose to be around them while working her own. Less boredom=stronger recovery=better life for her

nonmember avatar Sara

i am a recovering addict as well. i am rarely bored, and i owe that to one thing: the fellowship of my recovery program. i have enough sober contacts that i deeply love and enjoy that there is someone ready and willing to hang out/talk/go to a meeting/play 24/7. when not connecting with other people who are staying sober there are tons of other things to do: journal, read literature, stepwork, develop a hobby, look for work/go to work, clean up the house, play with a pet, study/work on getting into school, pamper myself, work out, listen to music, watch a favorite tv show or movie, the list goes on and on. boredom usually comes when something else in my life is out of balance: physically, emotionally or spiritually. if i tackle whatever is bothering me (or surrender to it/let it go), i feel better and the boredom is quickly forgotten. good luck to her. staying sober is hard. it's even harder when you don't have a good support system of fellow sober people.

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