Kendall Jenner Spotted With Another One of Taylor Swift's 'Exes' (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner Selena GomezUhhhhh. I know she has probably had kind of a tough time since her romance with Harry Styles ended, but after seeing Kendall Jenner out with Selena Gomez, we have to wonder whether or not they're suddenly pals for a good reason.

The two of them had lunch last Friday. Up until now, none of us really had any idea they were buddies -- so Kendall has to be turning to her for advice on how to get over a failed relationship with a musician ... right?

I mean, if anyone knows how tough it can be to date one of the most well known bachelors in the country, it's Selena, for sure.


With how many times she and Justin Bieber have been up and down, I'm sure she's more than qualified to reassure Kendall about things going south with Harry.

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But I guess that bring us to another point. If Kendall hadn't already earned a spot on Taylor Swift's shit list after her fling with Harry -- she's sure to be on it now that she's all chummy with her former best friend. (Man. Taylor had better keep close tabs on who she associates with from now on before Kendall steals everyone away.)

If nothing else, this is great news for Selena. Taylor may shun her simply because of who her boyfriend happens to be, but I'm sure Kendall doesn't mind sharing with the Biebs one bit.

Are you surprised that Kendall and Selena are friends?


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