'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Finale Recap: Brendan Has a Big Question for Morgan -- But It's Not What You Think!

morgan stewart and her boyfriend BrendanTonight's season finale of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was a little bit of a cliff-hanger! Brendan asked Morgan Stewart to move in with him! She was over the moon about it ... until she told her mom. Even though she waited until her mom's post-yoga euphoria kicked in, mama was still not pleased with the news that her little girl was moving in with a dude before she had a ring on it. Engagement ring that is. 

It was actually really refreshing to see a reality TV mom so comfortable with sticking to her (relatively speaking) conservative guns. It was even more refreshing to see the brash and outspoken Morgan listen to her mom and then decide to go along with her way of thinking. I didn't get the impression that Morgan felt like she'd been strong-armed either, which is always a nice sensation to come away with. 


That said, I'm bummed that this means Brendan and Morgan will sort of be spinning their wheels for a while. He seems to very much view moving in together as a necessary step preceding an engagement. They might have patched things up in time for their Vegas New Year's trip, but I get the feeling that this issue hasn't gone away forever. Somebody think of the children! Or at least, you know, Baguette. 

I think in the end, Morgan and Brendan's relationship is strong. To be real, it seems a lot more solid than easily 90 percent of the marriages featured on any given Real Housewives franchise. I'm sure even if this decision not to move forward with moving in (clever girl, that's me) causes a bit of a hiccough, it will be far from a permanent one. I love them as a couple maybe even a little bit more than I love this show. And I love this show a lot.

What did you think of Morgan's decision?


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