Rihanna Uses Hilarious Jenelle Evans Clip to Promote Her Tour (VIDEO)

jenelle evansRihanna came up with a really clever way to promote her upcoming tour with Eminem -- use a clip from everyone's favorite Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans. Genius! But how exactly did that come together and wait ... what?

If you're an avid Jenelle follower, you may recall she's a huge Ke$ha fan. A couple of years ago Jenelle said on an episode of Teen Mom 2 that she couldn't go to jail because she had feathers in her hair and everything because she's going to a Ke$ha concert. Well, now Rihanna's inserted herself into that scenario. Watch and see what I mean.


"I really can't miss that concert. That's why I got all these feathers in my hair. I bought clothes for the concert. I set up hotel rooms for the concert. It's not just a concert it's … Rihannaaa!" Don't you wish we could all have a get out of jail free card because we have a concert to attend? Wait ...

Jenelle caught wind of RiRi's sort of shout out and retweeted the video saying "dude Rihanna actually noticed me lol." Love it!

What do you think of Rihanna's clip?

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