Justin Bieber's New Tattoo Sets a Crazy Record

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber's newest tattoo is breaking all kinds of records. Unofficially it's breaking the record for thing-that-has-made-me-becca-lol-the-hardest. The award for this feat is a recording of me going "Gurl, please", to be used as desired by the record-breaker. What did Justin did to make it into the dubious record books? He got a tattoo at 40,000 feet in the air.

Admittedly, this all went down inside an airplane, which makes it slightly less bad-ass. The idea of him getting tatted up while sky-diving is a fabulous one. I've got to be honest, if that's how this had gone down, I might have been forced to rethink my anti-Bieber stance. Thankfully this was not the case. 

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The new bit of was done by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang (if you are on the hunt for baby names, look no further) and was done, the tattoo artist says, during terrible turbulence. Ooooouch. It feels like getting inked should be illegal in the air, but apparently it isn't. And yet the only JUST started letting me keep my Kindle on for the entire duration of the flight. That is kind of nuts to me.

The tattoo itself is in the center of Bieber's chest. I kind of am surprised that he didn't have something there already. Bieber decided to emblazon himself with a classic cross to symbolize forgiveness. That is very...religious of him? I kind of still don't feel like the nuns who ran my high school would approve. 

Do you think Justin should stop it with the tattoos already, or keep on keepin' on?


Image via Instagram

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prplecat prplecat

When he finally lands in prison for some dumb stunt, he'll fit right in.

nonmember avatar Lindsey

Really stop it with the tattoos? Who cares what he does to his own body? How does that affect anyone else. The kid does plenty like harrass and endanger others by drag racing on public roads. You really care about tsttoos?

nonmember avatar Tracey

It's not the cross tattoo that he got in the air. Did you read the article you linked? Or look at the pictures?

nonmember avatar me

That picture reminds me of james deen. As for his tattoos,who cares. He should stop being a jackass

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Do any of these so called "writers" review their posts before putting it out for the world to see? I have yet to see a story with less than 3 sentences that do not make sense or that have no typographical errors. Did anyone pay attention in English class?

nonmember avatar kait

Tommy Lee beat him to it 6 years ago(minus the turbulence).

BPayne09 BPayne09

Did you even read the article you linked? The fact that y'all could be getting paid to write these horrible articles blows my mind.

nonmember avatar A. W.

You can take the boy out of the trailer park....

Mike Hamlett

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