Miley Cyrus Spits on Her Fans & Hurts Her Career

Miley Cyrus Video has just started popping up here, there, and yon of Miley Cyrus covering Fleetwood Mac's song Landslide back in February. Video has also surfaced of her spitting on her fans.'s pretty awesome. The cover that is. The spitting is just, you know, spitting in the grand tradition of folks ripping off Johnny Rotten. So we won't talk about it anymore. 

Miley gets a lot of (totally well-deserved) guff. See aforementioned spitting story. That is what it is. It comes with being a girl-singer under the microscope of pop culture today. But sometimes we forget something essential about Miss Miley. She can really, really sing

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This cover will hopefully serve as a reminder of that fact to all and sundry of the various haters out there. It's a great song choice for her. After all, her voice is distinct in unique in a way that's not entirely dissimilar from Fleetwood Mac's own witchy woman singer Stevie Nicks. *Pause here to twirl vigorously while wearing a crocheted shawl*.


I kind of hope that Miley makes this cover an official part of her repertoire. It kind of hearkens back to the country-twang of her roots in some ineffable way that I totally dig. That said, the fact that for the duration of the entire song she's wearing a shirt that seems to have a picture of her own face on it does, admittedly, kind of mar the overall effect of the cover. I wish Miley would bring her gifted singing abilities back into the forefront and leave the eye-roll worthy antics at home. 

Do you think Miley's theatrics get in her way?


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Autum... Autumnleaves87

Ha!!! This article must be a joke.... Right???

She's READING THE LYRICS FROM HER CELL PHONE.. What a terrible performer!! Her voice is just absolutely horrible and if she were to spit on me after having to endure her concert, I would be furious and demand money back. (I would never buy her concert tickets anyway.....but just sayin)

Could you imagine beyonce just whipping out her cell phone to read the lyrics of a song she's covering?? On stage?? During her show??? Not even a chance!

nonmember avatar me

I like some of her songs, but I woukdnt say sbe can actually sing well. Toni braxton can sing well. Miley has a range of like what, an octave and a half on a good day. Her voice is slightly unique and it works well with certain melodies and lyrics but she is no where near a great singer

purra... purracious

how exactly did this hurt her career -wait- why do i even care?

Suzanne Rosenorn

Shes a punk. I mean poof. One step below a punk.

thelo... thelonebuffalo

I like her cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton.

Rosas... RosasMummy

Is she reading the lyrics from her phone?! What the fuck

missy... missybest

This POS person needs a brain and heart transplant.  It sickens me that kids watch and follow this sleazy and disgusting girl.

BPayne09 BPayne09

Heavens. If you don't know the words by heart don't sing the song!

David B Cordick

yesterday i wrote in the comments of how sick and tired i was, hearing about that trash family the kardashians.  i should have also included miley.  she became famous by being promoted by the disney corporation on tv to little girls and boys.  when she stopped being hannah montana and became miley and showed that disney had promoted a grossly untalented girl.  as soon as miley realized that she couldnt cut it, she decided to go for the shock effect that many of the untalented singers go for.  the sad part was that the one hit wonder that has been riding on her back for years, known as her dad, billy ray cyrus says he is all right with this.  of course if she stops acting like a pig, the money stops, and if that happens the family might actually have to work for a living.  like us

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

Y'all are a buncha fucking haters. Jealous ass bitches. Miley has a great voice, she's sexy as hell and knows how to flaunt it! Sex appeal works awesome these days so who cares if she uses it the same way any other girl singer does! Remember Madonna and Britney? And everyone flipped on Britney for being slutty in front of their precious snowflakes!? At least miley never had a mental breakdown and shaved her head and married a dumb fuck loser guy who gave her two kids then dipped. At least she isn't like beiber whose fuckin up his life one DUI at a time.

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