Jenelle Evans' New Pregnancy Complaint Could Be MUCH Worse (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

She doesn't have too terribly much longer to go in her pregnancy, but that doesn't mean Jenelle Evans isn't having a few side effects that are proving to be kind of a pain to put up with.

She's already battled morning sickness and heartburn, and now it looks as though baby Kaiser is putting a bit of strain on his mom's tired feet.

Jenelle shared a picture of her cute new Toms shoes via Instagram, and then a fan mentioned that while she digs the shoes, she thinks Jenelle's feet look a bit swollen. (WTF?)


Here's the pic:

 Jenelle Evans' feet

And this was Jenelle's response.

Um, I'm sure her poor tootsies are taking a slight beating -- but don't you think her calves, feet, and legs look pretty normal? She's either being too hard on herself -- or she doesn't realize just how bad swelling can really be for some women when they're expecting.

It would be different if she had cankles or something -- but you can still tell where her legs end and her ankles begin, which is definitely a good thing.

Oh, and she should also be thrilled that she can still see her feet, as most of aren't so lucky once we're well into our pregnancies. (Or at least I lost sight of mine pretty darn quickly.)

Do you think Jenelle's feet look swollen?


Images via Instagram

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