'RHOBH' Brandi Glanville Is Leaving the Other Housewives in the Dust

brandi glanville books being made a movie Shut. The front. Door. Brandi Glanville, author, Real Housewife, and feud-meister supreme, is entering a new chapter in her career. The broad is moving to Hollywood! Okay, I mean technically that is basically where she already resides. I mean it in a less literal way. Brandi's two books, Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders and Drinking and Dating, PS: Social Media Is Ruining Romance have been optioned. That means before you know it, the Brandi Glanville story will be hitting up screens in a neighborhood near year.

I die. I die over this news! For a million reasons. Primary among them -- who Brandi announced on her podcast she would be desperate to have play her in the movie adaptations. She wants known other than Kathrine Heigel in the leading role! Can we pause and once again examine how sure I am that Brandi is an evil genius? Casting Heigel in the past is pretty much close to flawless. 

Because people love to hate Brandi, but you know who they love to hate even more? Kathrine Heigel. While I am personally ambivalent about the woman, I know she's notoriously difficult to work with. She's got a reputation (one she made herself) of biting the very hand that feeds her.

All that said, she's a smoking hot babe, much like Brandi herself. Brandi knows that in order for the movie to succeed it's going to have court controversy. Mentioning her dream lead that way shows she's thinking this through from a business prospective. Smart lady! 

Speaking of casting, who else do we think should be in the movie? I kind of want Dean Cain to play Eddie Cibrian. Additionally, wouldn't Taylor Momsen be a hilarious LeAnn Rimes? If other members of The Real Housewives were featured I think Sofia Vergara would make a great Joyce Giraud. If you slap a dark wig on Joanna Lumley tell me would not make a hilarious Lisa Vanderpump. Tell me I'm wrong! I defy you, gentle readers! 

Who do you think should be cast to play Brandi and all the other roles when the books become movies?


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nonmember avatar Joe

SIGN THIS PETITION TO Remove Brandi Glanville from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" https://www.change.org/petitions/bravo-tv-remove-brandi-glanville-from-the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills ALMOST 6,000 SIGNATURES AND COUNTING!!!

nonmember avatar rdee

That petition is the most lame ass thing I've ever seen. If you don't like Brandi, just don't watch! Too many bored,pathetic,basement dwellers with too much time on their hands and NO real lives put that piece of crap petition together! Get a life! It's a "reality" show! Get over yourselves!

nonmember avatar Katherine

I wouldn't watch that's for sure. If it is made into film, the screenplay would likely have to be a heavy rewrite from what I've heard of the book. Gross.

nonmember avatar Gigi

What kind of blogger are you...brandi is a joke! I think she must have paid you to print this..Do you even watch the show? By the way her book sales are down 90% a movie oh pleeeez

nonmember avatar Rose

That petition is hilarious (who freakin has time for that crap) and Brandi's laughing all the way to the bank. These haters are only helping Brandi-can you say "cha-Ching!" 💰💵🎉

nonmember avatar fakepetition

Still no article on how LeAnn paid her fans to create that petition? Why has LeAnn been tweeting to the people who signed the petition?

@Joe/Gigi=Ginger Hines(aka LORI CHASE), why is Ginger Hines uses Yolanda's daughter's name to make hate posts about Brandi?

Judy Tarver

Is this (ahem) move for the public or straight to DVD? Somebody is gonna lose a lotta money on this. hahahaha

nonmember avatar ges

Have another drink. The only person who said Brandi's books are being made into a movie is Brandi herself on her podcast. At best, it would be a lifetime movie starring Cybil Shepard.

Christopher Blake

My only issue with this article, is the lack of proper grammar. Otherwise, nice job...

nonmember avatar Pink

Good for Brandi getting her books optioned; I wish her the best of success. Particularly her first book, as it had a very long run on the NYT Best Seller list and advertising for movies is very different than gaining viewership for reality tv. As for the petition to have her removed from RHOBH - how many signatures are there now? 1,000? Wow. .01% of viewers. Good job!

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