Giuliana Rancic Reveals Meanest Celebrity She's Ever Interviewed (VIDEO)

Giuliana Rancic has probably interviewed every celebrity worth interviewing -- so it begs the question, Who's the worst? I mean, that's what we really want to know, right? Forget about who is the prettiest, the tallest, the most hunky, the sexiest, the smartest. We want to know who was the biggest douchebag! Well, wait no more. Because Rancic has broken the unspoken celebrity interviewer code by revealing said douchenozzle. And I can't say I'm too surprised. It's not Tom Cruise. Not Madonna. Not even Shia LaBeef LaBeouf. It's ... Russell Crowe!

New mom Giuliana revealed on Watch What Happens Live!:

There have been a lot of awkward ones. Oh, I know… duh! Russell Crowe! [He] was so mean to me.

She elaborated:

I had been at E! for a year, and I literally was like, 'I'm gonna go easy because he's pretty tough. And so I said, 'Are you excited to be here tonight? Your big movie premiere?' And he goes, 'I'm contractually obligated to be here. What's your next question?'

Not a good start. Gee, you'd think getting paid millions of dollars for pretending to be someone else would generally make a guy sort of happy, but not Russell. Granted, red carpet interviews are kind of lame, and you must get sick of getting asked the same silly questions over and over (I'm sure Giuliana doesn't love it either) but it's all part and parcel of being a famous actor, which is much better than being a broke, out-of-work actor, right, Russell?

Russell's rascally attitude didn't stop there. According to Giuliana, she then racked her brain to come up with a question non-threatening enough that Russell wouldn't throw a phone at her head ('memba that?). So she inquired, "Um, isn't it wonderful seeing all the fans?"

Here's what happened next:

And he goes, 'That's your second question?' And he goes, '1, 2, you're through!' And walked away.

Hmm. Kind of understandable how Russell's career ended up tanking. Hey, Russ, being an actor doesn't give you the right to be a jerkwad. It's not brain surgery, ya know.

Did you think he'd be the worst interview?

Image via Bravo

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TheSi... TheSilence

He's a douche, are we really shocked?

cherylam cherylam

Ive from several people that Russell Crowe has forgotten all he ever learned about civility...and thats from people working on his movie sets. He's a first class rude asshat.

Gerry Barksdale

russell crowe was a  movie star, now he is  a fat jerkwadwho is not appealing at all.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I've read in articles before that have said the same thing about Russell Crowe's attitude.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Wow, what an ass. Not surprising, though.

Paike... Paikea1974

He's a classic example of the ancient ' what goes around comes around'  : you are very rude to the people who actually go to see your movies.....those people won't ever go see your movies again....

You're next Russell :)

Joe Hickey

who is russell crowe [scarecrowe}??

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