'Scandal' Recap: Olivia Discovers Who the Monsters Really Are

scandal kiss kiss bang bang olivia cyrusAnd the jaw-droppers keep comin' on Scandal! Tonight's episode, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" answered the burning question of who got shot and resolved quite a few other plotlines that have been escalating. But first, who did Jake gun down in the final 30 seconds of last week's ep? Turns out it WAS, indeed, James ... Heartbreakingly, the beloved White House press secretary, who had uncovered the truth about Cyrus's cover-up of Vice President Langston's murder of her husband, was taken out by Command himself, in an attempt to "protect the Republic." So crazy, so sad. I know I called it, but still can't believe it ...

Because they were also aware of the cover-up, Vanessa and Shelby had to go, as well, apparently. But David Rosen's life was spared ... so he could arrest and convict the suspect he was handed by B-613. And that was all just in the first few minutes!


Of course, Olivia quickly learned that Jake was behind James's murder, initially storming into his B-613 office and flipping out on him. What she didn't get though is that no matter what she could possibly do to guilt him or punish him couldn't be nearly as horrible as what he is already enduring as Command. Thankfully, she had an impromptu chit-chat with Dear Old Dad, who spelled that out for her, confessing that he, as former Command, was responsible for and stained by the deaths of 183 people.

No wonder it's hard for Olivia to understand why everyone around her seems like a total monster, and in turn, she's struggling to understand "what's the point?" But Papa Pope had an answer for that, too. Everyone needs to be brought into the light. Her purpose is to wear the white hat ... and bring even the greatest monsters into the light. While it feels like we've known that all along, what a gripping reminder ... Especially when she determines that the way she'll do that is by working with David to take down B-613, "brick by brick." YES. I feel like we're really setting up for something HUGE there!

Also of "OMG" note: Huck trying to bring Quinn back "into the light" in his own way, with one of the most twisted but anticipated kisses of the series yet! I mean, it started out with him saying he showed up to kill her, with his tool case in tow. Agghhh. And ooooh, it didn't take NEARLY as long for Mellie and Andrew to give into their desires behind Fitz's back! (Well, I guess it did technically in terms of years of sexual tension, but in terms of episodes full of it, we only had to endure, what, 2.5?) Anyway, HOT. It's about damn time FLOTUS enjoyed herself.

But while all these intense, steamy emotions running high, Cyrus was tamping his intense, deeply mournful emotions down, trying to work to distract himself, while having flashbacks to meeting, romancing, and falling for James. Ugh. I really didn't even see his ultimate breakdown at the White House press podium -- announcing the BS story about a car jacker being the official suspect -- coming. And when it did ... gut-wrenching. See, even someone who is, on one hand, a monster deserves compassion.

Similarly, although it seems like we could easily hate Jake after his seemingly cold-blooded murder of James, the final scene of the night proved he's not really a monster. He's only a cog on the wheel of a monstrous operation ...

What was the most shocking part of the night for you?


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