The Look on Jenelle Evans' Face in Her Latest Baby Bump Selfie Says It All (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansIt's not exactly a secret that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has a notorious past. She hasn't always been interested in her son Jace, and has come in and out of his life over the years as she's partied, done drugs, been involved with a string of abusive men ... well, everybody has a past, right?

But it seems that the reality show diva is really turning her life around, and it's more evident than ever with her latest Instagram selfie showing off her growing baby bump.

Jenelle is pregnant with baby number two, and the circumstances couldn't be more different this time around. Jace's dad has never wanted to have anything to do with them, but her current boyfriend Nathan Griffith seems like the real deal.

She's not out partying as often as possible. She's going to school. She's even playing nicely with others like frenemy and Teen Mom costar Amber Portwood and Nathan's Ex.

Yup, things are looking up for Jenelle, and with that contented smile on her face, it looks like she's really enjoying life right now.

Keep it up, Jenelle! It only gets better from here.

Do you think Jenelle is on the right track with her life right now?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Donna Restrepo

you do not need another baby, you are a piece of shit

nonmember avatar wendy

Jenelle is that u? lololol!!

nonmember avatar crystal

^^ sad that you have to put someone down and who are you to say who can have kids Jenelle happy for you doing a great job

nonmember avatar Jane

Seriously, you know it's always ok to abort your husband's baby so you can shack up and have someone else's kid. Huge fucking eye roll. I am sure I can't go get a pack of fucking smokes without running into nine guys you fucked, you druggie bitch.

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