Kate Middleton & Prince William Could Be the Next King & Queen

Could Queen Elizabeth be planning on dissing the rightful heir to the throne and installing the world's favorite couple instead? No, not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I'm talking Prince William and Kate Middleton, of course! (As much as Kanye thinks Kimye is royalty.) Surely, the idea has been bandied about before -- let's face it, Wills and Kate are already the faces of royal Britain, not Charles and Camilla. But tabloid The Globe swears this isn't a fantasy -- that it's really going to happen!

According to some mysterious source, the coronation of Prince William and Duchess Kate is already set in motion and will happen June 2015. So mark your calendars! Because if it doesn't happen, we can all write to The Globe and call them on their b.s.!

It's unlikely, but given that the Prince and Kate have already taken over some duties that were originally given to Charles -- such as handing out shamrocks to the Irish Guard -- not totally out of the realm of imagination.

Still, there's protocol to be followed and the Queen isn't going to upend the entire monarchy just because Wills and Kate are more popular. That could start a huge chain reaction of bizarro royal moves. Next thing you know, Robert Pattinson and Susan Boyle could be King and Queen!

Do you think Prince Charles and Camilla should be ousted?


Image via The Globe


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nonmember avatar Julia Clairmont

I really hope that the Queen skips over Prince Charles, and that poor excuse for a wife that he chose. If that's what his choice would be, can you imagine what choices "she" would force him to make. God forbid

Vicki McCoy

Yes, Wills & Kate should be the next King & Queen.  I thought that royal tradition stated that since Charles divorced Diana that he  could NOT rise to the throne.  I only hope that is true....who wants Camilla representing anything.  That would be so awful for the British people.


Diana Elizabeth Boucher

Prince Edward gave his right to the throne. because of marrying Mrs Simpson . so Charles should follow his Uncle. Now wants Camilla. there will be no respect for the royal family

Anna Simms

yes, I thought Charles lost his claim to succession when he divorced Diana?.


Sally Monroe


LeeshaE LeeshaE

The Queen actually insisted on Charles's divorce from Diana, to save face when they were both airing out each others dirty laundry to the press. So I don't see that as a factor in succession, plus didn't they clear all that up almost 20 years ago saying he would succeed. Also historically Henry the VIII was a divorcee and for the throne to be usurped their is generally a disagreement on the line of succession or the air apparent is really young or considered unfit to rule, such as the case Edward VI and Queen Mary who quashed a coup or two. At this time there is little more than divorce to disinherit Charles, which is not nearly enough.

nonmember avatar Kristie

The Queen doesn't "appoint" her successor. She gives birth to him. Charles will become king.

waity... waitykate

"The Prince and Kate have already taken over some of the duties...".   ASIDE from the HEAVY WORK of handing out those shamrocks,plus attending one art gala, Kate has done <<<<NOTHING>>>>  this year so far {and it's nearly April...}  except vacation twice already with her equally lazy, bald husband and they both ditched their 7 month old baby for an entire week.

And so these two lazy, selfish slags are supposedly in the running for what ?  King and consort ?  LOL !!!!!  I pity England.  They even ran out on their own BABY.  They can't take any work or responsibility without running away from it.  So, here's to the Republic that so many in the UK are wanting so much.

Vera Dinic

Yes Charles looks like a 'Dirty-Perverted' old man who wants to be a TAMPON ....and His wife looks like a kangaroo that's been hit by a truck and left in the gutter in 40C HEAT! (It's what we Aussies) call ROAD KILL...or DEAD-DOG-UGLY! LMHO!

nonmember avatar messy

Okay, here's the deal. The Queen cannot choose her successor. The latest version of the law of succession states that the monarch's eldest child will succeed him/her.

That's it. Charles would have to abdicate his position as Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothsay, etc. and that would have to be approved by the parlaiments of all the Commonwealth countries with the British sovereign as their monarch.

Charles has taken over most of the Queen's nonessential duties, and her majesty has taken her final foreign trip.

If Charles wishes to be king, no one can stop him.

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