Leah Messer Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Marriage to Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer, Jeremy CalvertIf you've been watching season 5 of Teen Mom 2, you know that Leah Messer Calvert has been going through some stuff. There's all the medical stuff with Ali, who we just learned has muscular dystrophy, but also her marriage seems to be breaking down.

On this week's episode, she revealed that she wants to go to couples counseling with Jeremy because she feels like he doesn't communicate well. She took some heat on the social networks for not appreciating his job enough, even though it takes him away from home for weeks at a time.

Leah used Twitter to explain that it's not the job that bothers her, because she knew what she signed up for. Jeremy works as a pipeliner, and she knew that he'd be out-of-state on various jobs much of the time.

The real problem Leah has is that Jeremy won't even call when he's gone!

Come on, Jeremy! I know your job is tough -- for reals. But so is Leah's. Could you please just pick up the phone once a day and tell the woman she's pretty and you love her?

How long have you gone without talking to your husband?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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Albond86 Albond86

I'm a navy wife. My husband deploys on submarines. I've gone months without any sort of communication. Just me emailing him daily and once after two months of nothing from him, I got a short email saying hi. Being a military spouse, trucker wife, fish man wife or a coal miners wife is HARD! But the good thing about some of the previously mentioned jobs is the DO have the ability to call home at a least at some point during their time frame they are away. So I can see where she might be upset with him for just maybe blowing off calling home during the time he is away.

DeniseLynn Giddings

girl that call leah and ungratefull bitch mayb u should take a walk in her shoes u BITCH!! she has 3 kids that need thire father yes mayb 2 of them aint his.. but when u marry someone wit kids u step up to the plate. and not be an ass and not call her when he is gone... bs (this goes to that pagie bitch)

Sherry Paiva

Wow! When Jeramy is at work he should definitely call Leah ! For the person that called Leah an ungrateful bitch should pay attention to the show ! Leah does appreciate Jeramy !! She's a great mom and I agree with her Jeramy should communicate more with her! Leah pay no mind to ignorant people

nonmember avatar Victoria

I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for her she knew what she was signing up for I've gone a year without talking to my husband bc he is currently in state prison for getting tied up with the wrong people at the wrong Time and has been there for the last 3 years.. So I understand her struggle but she needs be be grateful that he is there and making money and helping her when he is home so many people wish they had what she has i do everything for myself and my 6 year old daughter with not help from anyone else so I don't want to hear that. She gets to stay home wit her kids not worry about a bill and live the life while other people are out here struggling so suck it up you chose that life either take it or leave it.

Misty Hooven-Browning

My husband is a foreman for a pipeline company and he can be gone anywhere from 11 days at a time to a month it is hard on a family! It takes a strong woman to handle a man that travels like that. and It takes a strong man to handle a woman that stays faithful loving and honest. I understand Leahs side of things, these men sometime dont understand what a woman needs from them, they hang out with men all the time! my husband calls me everynight and everyday on his lunch break and he is head foreman. there is no reason for him not to call her! and anyone that dont live the life has no room to talk or even speak any opinion! much love Leah from one pipliners wife to another!

Kyla Nath-Parrish

I have a trucker driver for a husband and I can go less then 24 hours if that without talking to him. We talk at least once a day. He could at least call her once a day to talk to her even if its just to tell her that he loves her and how the kids are.

Pauline Guadagno

Two words for Leah - She's young! She's making it all about her. She should count her blessings that she has a working spouse.

nonmember avatar Jenny Romo

She is talking bout his kids as far as I know he only jad one kid the other two do get their daddy time with cody give the man sum space otherwise you will end up driving hin away

nonmember avatar Omaris

It can be hard for Leah but she knew what she was getting her self into. She is rushing her life to damn fast.She should've enjoyed her relationship with Jeremy first , finish school and got herself situated before even thinking about having another baby.She has a little girl who requires a lot of attention due to her illness and now has a third child.Of course she is overwhelmed.Too much for one person to handle . Jeremy should call and check up on them there shouldn't be a reason for him not to.These are the consequences for rushing into having her little family.I really don't think that she's in love with Jeremy.Cory didn't want to be with her so Jeremy was her back up plan.

KyKos... KyKosMommy

If you want to stay married you have to talk to each other. My DH is a trucker and while we don't talk every single day, we talk several times a week and see each other every weekend. If you don't make each other a priority, somebody will stray...

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