Juan Pablo's Relationship With Nikki Will Only Work If It's All About Him (PHOTO)

nikki ferrell juan pablo galavis the bachelor abcJudging from their lovey-dovey public appearances lately (what happened to building their relationship in private?), Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis appear to be going strong. The proof: In addition to going as JPG's date to a wedding in the Dominican Republic this past weekend, and learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone for him, it looks like Nikki also spent some adorable quality time last night with the single dad and his 5-year-old Camila!

Check out the photographic evidence via the "kiddo nurse's" Instagram ...

The caption:

Evening stroll w @juanpagalavis and this cute peanut. She sang Frozen the entire way.

Awww! See, their relationship seems to be shaping up perfectly ... according to Juan Pablo's plan, at least.

If you detect a hint of sarcasm, it's only because it seems like, all the highlights of this relationship so far have had to do with what Juan Pablo wants to do. Where are Nikki's friends? How 'bout her family? It hasn't been long, granted, but when will we see them hanging out in Kansas City? Or will JuanPabs insist that they stick to Miami (or you know, Atlantic City, for their ridiculous paid appearance) ...?

Sure, none of this comes as a surprise to anyone who watched the former Bachelor be all about himself and rarely ask the women on the show anything remotely deep or important about themselves. The guy seems like he's 99 percent about himself. So it's supposed to be a two-way street, any relationship he's in may very well have to be all about him, too. Not sure who would want to put up with that! My guess is that unless he's willing to compromise, give, strike a balance sooner rather than later, Nikki won't for much longer.

Do you feel like JPG and Nikki's relationship seems to imbalanced?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar Melissa

It seems like Spanish people are like that. My brother married one and she won't let him hang out with me and he's always busy doing things with her family and he can't go out alone or do anything without her. My brother was my best friend before her. I tell my brother that I love him and he only says it back when she's not around. I've seen some positive changes in his personality since he is with her but why can't he hang out with his sister alone anymore?

nonmember avatar Ashley

It's there relationship not ours! Lets them work out what they need to work out without questioning there every move. Maybe they are taking it slow!

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