Nasty, Unseen 'RHOBH' Fight Makes Lisa Vanderpump Look Like the Victim

brandi glanvilleSomething isn't adding up. According to every Real Housewife's favorite website, Radar Online, a huge chunk of the fight between Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump in the RHOBH season finale didn't air. Lisa claims in her blog that most of the fight between the two women -- including the moment that Brandi yelled, "I know you are the chess player of all time, but I just checkmated you b*tch" -- wound up on the cutting room floor. "After an arduous two-and-a-half hours at the final party, half-an-hour of trying to reason with Brandi, it was all too much," Vanderpump stated.

And fans, including myself, are like whaaaaa? I thought this was the stuff Bravo dreams were made of.

One insider said, "Two episodes of the reunion still to air and the producers are notorious for saving wild clips to air then just to create even more drama." Hmm ... are they? I don't really recall this in the past. Aren't the juiciest things always aired during the proper season?

Anyway, I'm sure the clip will be highly entertaining and cringe-worthy to watch, but I'm thinking one person who probably doesn't want it to air at this point is Brandi herself. Although she may be right in her accusations against Lisa, her behavior has been so egregious in the past few weeks that she's managed to rack up quite the group of haters, some even petitioning to have her booted from the show. Having a clip of her calling Lisa a b*tch isn't going to help her case, and it's likely to pull more people over to Team Lisa. 

So, I suppose in the next two weeks, we just wait with bated breath to see this supposed deleted scene of Brandi cussing Lisa out. Those Bravo producers really have us by the lady-balls, don't they?

Whose side are you on: Lisa's or Brandi's?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Brandi needs professional help. The show is clearly edited to make Lisa look bad. 

Marilynne Dwire

Lisa makes herself look bad, Even on Vanderpump rules, she "over acts". Clearly she has taken the reality out of her part of the show and now,  thinks she is a real actress.

Beth Horne-Bowling

I'm on Brandi's side. She's not as clever as Lisa, and has been used like a puppet ever since she has been on the show-from having Sheana thrown in her face every time she turns around (and any woman who has been cheated on ESPECIALLY WHILE PREGNANT can understand that), Lisa feeding gossip into her ear apparently every morning so when the opportunity arises, poor stupid Brandi practically quotes Lisa without even realizing it, to having her personal life made to look like she's constantly falling apart and a mess-even though she has done a great job of raising two boys jointly with a man and woman she cannot stand, writing two best-selling books, modeling, and earning a living for herself and her children. She has flaws like anyone else, and a temper, but she doesn't need Lisa's fake 'mothering', which is only when the cameras are rolling. Lisa is the master manipulator, and Brandi is not. Brandi is as straight-talking as they come, and that is why she gets crapped on. She doesn't lie, she doesn't try to fake her life or her feelings like Lisa. And that is why she is a better person, in my opinion!

Rhonda Pruitt Devall

I am on Lisa's side.  Most of these women do not get her sense of humor.  Get a brain ladies, and use it.  A person cannot use you unless you let them.

Mary Harden

Lisa's side Brandi has no morals and has let the show go to her head she is doing her best to get more air time she goes on knowing she is nude and has blurred lines she is bleeped so much it has got to a point where NONE of my friends will watch if she comes back the started one of the many petitions to get her removed told them it doesn't work that way but they have 3062 people that have signed it

nonmember avatar tonie g

ANDY and Bravo are going to keep. Why bother they dont care about a petition. She's moved on to bigger Yolanda and her husband. Who cares not watching anymore.

Starr Lisa

I am sick of Brandi being a so called straight shooter. Obviously for a woman of her age she still doesn't realize that you can be a straight shooter when needed, not every time you want it. She can easily let half the things that she ignorantly straight shoots back about slide. She would save herself a whole lot of embarrassment and looking like an idiot. Choose the things that you want to be honest about with in conversation. You don't have to voice your unwanted opinion on everything. Just keep your mouth shut, quit going for the awe factor and if somebody asks your opinion then give it to them straight. You don't have to make anyone feel like shit just to make yourself a bigger paycheck. Give it a rest Brandi.

gmakandi gmakandi

Brandi needs help she isn't able to be nice or loyal to anyone Iincluding herself..i feel sorry for her kids....they need to be living in a stable home not with that crazy bitch that is constantly stirring up trouble.. She's a real nut job. Andy and her tag teamed against Lisa and I am really pissed ..i don't like bullying. ...I and sure with Andy being gay he was bullied all his life and hated it....but he sure tag teamed with Brandy against not cool...i can't believe he did this ..i am almost done wot BRAVO if someone do sent get a hold of Andy and his not so nice hosting of these final shows...Anyway you look at it Brandi your a dirty bitch who changes friends more often than most people change their undies...shame on you and BRAVO for giving you a job!!!

Debbie Maltby Nielsen

As Lisa always laughs her ass off while saying "Brandi, you can't say things like that".  Lisa always thinks things are hilarious, until it is at her expense.  Believe me, I am NOT a Brandi fan, but she is the lesser of two evils in this case.  Sadly.

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