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    We are finding out more and more behind-the-scenes details about Kailyn Lowry's past, thanks to her new tell-all book, Pride Over Pity. There's a lot in there about her life before the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 cameras came into her life, but there's also quite a bit that happened during filming -- that she didn't let MTV in on.

    Like the fact that she once had to go to a homeless shelter after her now 4-year-old son Isaac was born. After she and Isaac's dad Jo Rivera officially called it quits, she was forced to move out of his family's home, and with no supportive family to call her own, she had nowhere to go.

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    With the latest season of Teen Mom 2 ending last week, we didn't have to wait too long for our next 16 and Pregnant round to begin. The latest season started tonight with Maddy, a rising high school junior from Tinley Park, Illinois.

    Sixteen-year-old Maddy lives with her mom, brother, sister, and baby half-sister (Maddy's mom gave birth three months before Maddy did) and has been an active athlete in school. But things took a turn for the much, much worse when she broke up with her boyfriend and went looking for a rebound. After finding Cody online, and after only an hour of knowing each other, the two hooked up, and boom, Maddy was pregnant.

    That's right. They only knew each other for an hour before Maddy got pregnant. Is that a 16 and Pregnant record? Can anyone tell me?

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    It looks like season 5 of MTV's uber popular reality show 16 and Pregnant is kicking off another round of showing the unglamorousness of teen pregnancy in all its mucky glory. In Monday night's premiere episode, we meet Maddy Godsey, who goes on a first date with her baby daddy Cody Jensen after becoming pregnant with his child the same day they met.

    As it turns out, the two aren't really ready to be thrown into this whole parenting thing at 17- and 19-years-old, and in one scene spend more time arguing over what the baby's last name will be than discussing how they will actually care for her.

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    Holy moly, you guys -- wait until you see the new trailer for 16 & Pregnant that was just released by MTV. If you thought the show was pretty dramatic up until this point, you really haven't seen anything yet.

    From the looks of it, season 5 is going to be intense, very serious, and also quite heartbreaking based on some of these girls' stories. The new season brings along five young ladies, Maddy Godsey, Summer Rewis, Aleah Lebeouf, Karley Shipley, and Autumn Crittendon -- all of whom are coming to terms with impending motherhood.

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    It looks like Farrah Abraham isn't the only member of her family with a story to tell and literary aspirations. Her father Michael Abraham has surfaced and started letting people know that he's got a book that will soon be hitting shelves. What's it about? In a move surprising officially no one, Michael has decided to pen a memoir -- all about the life of his little girl. Oh. My. How ... sweet?

    It's not sweet at all; in fact, it's a little monstrous. Obviously Farrah's home life has been complicated to say the least, but you'd like to think at the end of the day, she could trust that her own family wasn't going to sell her out. Michael seems less than abashed, saying the book will contain loads of never before heard details about his daughter.

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    Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are getting amped about their upcoming trip to Ireland. Catelynn seems positively giddy about the whole experience, and while we're sure Tyler's also excited, he's expressing those feelings in a much different way than his lady love.

    Tyler took to Instagram to share just what was going on with him. His reflections took the form of a prolonged caption about where life has taken him. He accompanied this with a profile photograph of himself clearly deep in thought. It was both artistic and affecting.

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    Kailyn Lowry is so brave for sharing the amount she has when it comes to dealing with alcoholism. Kailyn's mother is an alcoholic, and she has made the decision not to let her back into her own life or the lives of her husband and children until she gets sober. That's a ridiculously difficult call for anyone to have to make. She's got to be tough as nails to stick to it.

    She continues to speak out about alcoholism and her own decision to drink socially. While not a party girl by any stretch of the imagination, Kailyn will drink socially like she did the night of her 22nd birthday. She seems to catch a huge amount of flak every time she chooses to imbibe. That isn't really at all fair, especially given how adult and measured her awareness of the dangers of alcoholism are.

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    Amber Portwood may have recently come out and admitted that she's living the single life without a boyfriend in sight, but her Twitter account is telling another story. Recently Amber posted a cryptic message, one easily overlooked, on her Twitter account. She made it clear that there HAS been a man in her life -- but he's not a man she's happy with.

    Amber didn't name any names and tried to gloss over her remarks by engaging with some with her fans online, but the fact remains: Somebody hurt her. Amber passive-aggressively posted about the state of chivalry, saying it was dead and wondering where all the true gentlemen have gone. Who is she talking about?!

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    It looks like Jenelle Evans might be getting one of her biggest wishes granted sooner than she thought. When her ex Courtland Rogers landed in jail earlier this week, there was some concern that his time holed up was going to make her plans to finalize the divorce -- previously set to happen this spring -- take a backseat. Thankfully, this isn't the case.

    Yesterday Courtland was released on $6,000 bail. Not exactly chump change, right? Here's hoping he's still got funds filed away for his divorce. Those things do not come cheap. And Jenelle is not backing down -- she wants Courtland gone so that she can marry her hottie-with-a-body, bf Nathan Griffith.

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    Maci Bookout is definitely one of the more stylish stars that the Teen Mom universe has ever produced. That style tends to be on the edgier side, but it's always classy and always on point. That said, we would never have thought novelty t-shirts were her style. A recent post she shared on Instagram might be proving us wrong and have us looking at t's in a whole other light.

    Maci shared a photo of a white t-shirt printed with the words "whiskey and lace." That's Maci to a T -- tough and delicate all at the same time. But does she really need to wear a shirt that's so on the nose to hit her point home? We think not. So why has she started donning this apparel?

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