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    19 Kids & Counting is back, better, and busier than ever before! Clearly, family is somewhat important to Jim Bob Duggar (gee, ya think, Rebecca?). With his daughter Jill Duggar engaged to marry Derick Dillard in just three short months (excuse me as I breathe into this paper bag at the very idea of planning a party for 1,000 people in less than a year), Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have marriage on the mind.

    To that end, Jim Bob proposed something super savvy. He asked Jessa Duggar's boyfriend Ben Seewald if he'd be interested in coming to live in the guest house so he could move things forward with his beloved.

    I was floored by this gesture! Not just because it was exceptionally generous (Jim Bob will also be employing the dude), but in part because it was such ingenious parenting. Jessa and Ben's courtship has been stymied by the four hours keeping them apart. This is something that might please other parents -- but not the Duggars! 

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    Surprise! It's baby number two for one of the stars of MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and guess what? It's another unplanned pregnancy. Whoops. Megan McConnell is pregnant again, and guess what? It wasn't planned, and she admits she was "shocked" when she found out she was expecting.

    Megan gave birth to her first child, a son named Blake, about four years ago. She eventually married Blake's dad, Nathan Stone, but the two divorced in 2012, and she has full custody, though he sees him about once a month. This baby's daddy is Chase, Meg's boyfriend of 10 months.

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    Well, it looks like congratulations are in order for yet another star of MTV's 16 & Pregnant!

    Supposedly Allison Mendoza is pregnant with her second child, or at least that's what's being inferred based on a photo she shared indicating that her family is about to get bigger.

    She posted a pic of four shoes along with the word, "expanding," which must be in reference to her having a bun in the oven, right?

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    Ashley Salazar is having a rough life at the moment. The 16 and Pregnant star recently miscarried during her second pregnancy, and now she's confronting a huge demon in her life -- alcoholism. 

    The reality star took to her blog this week and completely opened up about her addiction to alcohol, how it has wrecked relationships in her life, and the struggle she's having just four days into sobriety.

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    One of the stars of 16 & Pregnant has some very happy news to share. Season 3's Izabella Tovar is pregnant with her second child!

    She initially hesitated to spill the beans because she was concerned about receiving negative backlash from her "fans," but she finally broke down and let the cat out of the bag -- probably because she can't exactly hide it forever!

    And wait until you hear how she made the announcement. It's nothing short of sweet and adorable.

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    After a tumultuous season full of babies, financial problems, homelessness, and plenty of baby daddy drama, 16 and Pregnant came to a close. Luckily, we had the Life After Labor special and Dr. Drew ready to quiz the ladies on their lives since filming stopped.

    As the first teen mom to step up to the stage, Arianna easily gave us the most haunting drama. On her episode, Arainna was resentful of Maurice, who didn't step up and didn't help out with the child. And once we left her, things didn't change. In fact, they got worse. While she kept referring to her child as "my son," she never once looked at Maurice. Has he contributed at all? According to Arianna, nope. But in an effort to show that he has plenty of ca$h on-hand, he made it rain. This is not a joke. Naturally, Arianna wasn't happy and stormed off the stage. This relationship isn't going anywhere, to say the least.

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    The final episode of 16 and Pregnant's fifth season aired tonight, and boy, was it a doozy. High schooler Savannah is from Missouri, where she lives with her little brother and their mother, who has struggled with alcoholism since Savannah was born. Now, with a new baby on the way, the small family's problems get more serious.

    Though she was a shy student who loved painting and drawing, Savannah opened up when she met her boyfriend, Stone. Then, she got more social, but the fun and games ended when she got pregnant.

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    Tonight's 16 and Pregnant double feature first brought us Courtney, a high school senior from Colorado who has faced her own fair share of drama before the show even started. First she was born with a cleft lip and palate and has had seven reconstructive surgeries to correct it. Then she was very religious and was saving herself for marriage ... until her boyfriend, Scott, came around.

    Everything changed. After they slept together, she got pregnant and once again has decided to remain abstinent until she and Scott tie the knot. Now the couple have moved in together into Scott's two-bedroom apartment and are preparing for the arrival of their son.

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    Oh my. Just when our favorite Teen Mom "regulars" seem to be getting it all together, MTV brings us a new batch of drama with the stars of season 5 of 16 & Pregnant. While Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Calvert, Catelynn Lowell, Jenelle Evans, and the rest of them are settling down into relatively harmonious lives, a new batch is just at the beginning of figuring it all out.

    It's not going so smoothly for Summer Rewis, who appeared on the May 12 episode of 16 & Pregnant. She gave birth to son Peyton in October last year, and at some point before or after that, she married her 18-year-old baby daddy and boyfriend of three years DJ Rewis. Then last month, she caught him cheating. This week, she caught him cheating again -- with the same girl.

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    In the second half of tonight's double feature of 16 and Pregnant, we met Savon. The high school student from Georgia lives with her aunt and cousins, has gotten good grades, plays on the basketball team, and has big dreams of one day being a singer/songwriter. But all of it came to an end when she got pregnant. And that's only the beginning of the drama.

    Savon is dating Mauwi, who she met on the basketball court. But they only got together after Savon hooked up with Eli, who got her pregnant. That's right. Her current boyfriend is not her baby daddy.

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