George Clooney's New Girlfriend Is Unlike Anyone He's Dated Before

george clooney in new york George Clooney will probably never get married again, right? I mean, the dude is a known and adored bachelor who can get away with dating hot young thangs until he's as old as Jagger or Nicholson. To a certain degree you can't fault him. Especially because he doesn't seem to have an actual 'type.' Clooney seems to appreciate all the ladies -- provided they are exceptionally good-looking.

His recent girlfriend is certainly no exception to this rule. That said, in addition to be exceptionally good-looking, Amal Alamuddin is also just plain exceptional. She's a British lawyer who's already got her own claims to fame -- she's currently representing Julian Assange, for one thing. She also speaks THREE languages and was recently voted the hottest bachelorette in England. Me-ow. Look out George!

She couldn't be more different from George's ex, Stacy Keibler. The only thing Amal has in common with Keibler, other than being tall, is the fact that they both dated George. I mean, let us not forget -- Stacy was a former professional wrestler. I can't imagine Amal trying to pin someone down or hit them with a chair, can you?

george clooney and new girlfriend

But is George's parade of different ladies proof of his open mind or just further evidence that he has no intention of settling down? If he can't make up his mind about what kind of woman he wants to settle down with, how can we ever expect him to focus in and marry just one lady? He's been married before to actress Talia Balsam and clearly he feels like he got burned. He's spoken up about that before. But if the worst thing that comes out of Clooney's bachelorhood is the public learning he's got an expansive palate, I can think of worse things.

Do you think George Clooney has a type?


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Wyatt... WyattsMom772

The only "Type" I can see is that they are all tall.  I am interested in this lady because he is intellegent, he is active in different charities and has a real interest in politics.. The other ladies looked like they needed help deciding on something as simple as ordering a meal. This lady is very smart, has a great career and would be extremely interesting to talk to.. Who knows?  This one may be the one?  On the other hand......

nonmember avatar Marina

Alludin, Clooney and Clooney's friends happy that Clooney happy and Alludin professional. Promising long term after many efforts by friends in wrong places. Assange and hungry children maybe less happy but prospects can still have happy ending.

nonmember avatar M

Put wire frame glasses and a mustache and you got Groucho Mark. Goole her and find out what the press left out. Ugly woman! She has a lot of never being here she needs to go back from where she came. Every time he sees someone they say it is love. Who writes this stuff sixth graders? So he took her to the White House he also took a wrestler there so what is the big deal here? All have met his parents and went to lake Whatever. I would not brag about being Assange's lawyer. What he tried to do to America and accused of sexual assault I would not show my face here She is a broad and that is all she is. Hottest lawyer in England I don't want to even see the rest.

nonmember avatar M

I Know it is Google not Goole my bad.

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