Kim Kardashian's Latest Butt-Hugging Outfit Angers Fans (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianThere's no doubt that Kim Kardashian has a favorite style these days -- and it's a crop top and skirt. Here's Kim in a chain mail ensemble crop top and skirt. And here she is in white. And here she is in beige. So why not continue the trend in red? Kim stepped out in a booty-hugging red two-piece skirt and crop top for dinner with pal Brittny Gastineau. And fans couldn't be more united in their response: Again???

Kim posted a pic of herself in the "new" outfit on Instgram. Some responses:

- So you have nothing else to wear Kim? Always the same boring shit but different color.

- Kim switch up your outfits that's all you wear now. Wear some cute rompers.

- U wear the same outfit in a different color daily. It's not interesting anymore ... Try posting something different and trendy like u used to.

Tough crowd! Kim must have decided this is the type of outfit that looks best on her, so she's going for it. In fact, she has two of this very same Calvin Klein outfit -- in red and white.

But some disagreed with this particular ensemble. For one, it's so tight that you can see some back rolls along Kim's bra line. For two, her butt looks like its own planet. But that's nothing unusual.

Still, if Kim hopes to keep her status as style icon -- or the next Kate Middleton -- she needs to change it up as the fans suggest.

Do you think she's worn this too many times?

Image via Instagram



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nonmember avatar dan

It has to be a strecthy material or it will not go over that butt. So she is stuck with a stretchy dress and can only change colors and tops.

nonmember avatar Donna

She wears this style because she buys ready made, very tiny, small dresses and then has them altered to fit her posterior and other exaggerated parts. In order to get enough fabric to cover that rear end out of that tiny dress size, they have to cut the dress in two and manipulate the fabric around to fit her. That is why this style is seen often. This is probably a quick style alteration for her multi-person team who take care of her clothes, make up, and hair daily, or when she goes out in public. Apparently Kim can do nothing for herself.

nonmember avatar Amanda

When it bunches up and wrinkles like that in the front that means it's TOO TIGHT. I don't think it looks good at all. But perhaps that's because I have seen this outfit too many times. My suggestion ; wear something that fits correctly if you're going to insist on wearing the same thing constantly.

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