Famous Singer Says Kate Middleton Is Better Than Princess Diana in This Way

Kate MiddletonWhile most of us think of Princess Diana as someone who was very strong, there is at least one famous person who thinks that Kate Middleton is stronger than Diana was. That person would be singer George Michael, who was friends with Diana. He told Entertainmentwise:

I think [Diana] would have been incredibly happy for William and Kate. And I think she'd also be really, really pleased that William has met and fallen in love with someone who has the strength of character to be able to deal with the sort of things that she couldn't.

While Diana was strong, it's true that Kate seems stronger when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi, but there's a reason for that. Except for a couple of glaring breaks in protocol -- which were swiftly condemned -- the press hasn't hounded Kate on the same level it did with Diana. In fact, it was only after Diana's death -- partially due to being chased by paparazzi -- that the press agreed to give the royal family some space. Due to that, Prince William was able to grow up with some degree of normalcy.

Additionally, Kate isn't fighting the royal family the way Diana was. And she has a loving husband, unlike Diana, who had to watch as Prince Charles immediately took a mistress (which she wasn't allowed to complain about).

Diana did what she could to stay strong but often got off on the wrong course -- such as becoming bulimic, having a series of ill-fated affairs, and starting up secret friendships with members of the press. But she did what she could do at the time.

Kate is obviously a strong woman, but let's face it, she has less to deal with. Plus, Diana was a 20-year-old virgin when she married into royalty. Not so for Kate, who was 29 at her wedding and, dare I say it, very likely not a virgin.

Do you think Kate is stronger than Diana?


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Anna Simms

I think Kate, & I think she"ll remain faihful to William, & carry obn her duties in a ladylike manner, she"s a great inspiration to us all.


nonmember avatar Sandy

I think she's hrre to stay. She'll put up w everything, even if william is unfaithful because she won't want to give up all the perks

waity... waitykate

LOL !!!!  Oh,  the man's brain must be fried.

Diana had it tough for a while thanks to the rotten treatment she got from Charles and his family while she was so young.....but she recovered and Diana was an incredible woman and hard working humanitarian.

Waity Kate couldn't even keep her short, tarty dresses down in public. The queen had to tell her to grow up a little. And so far this year Waity Kate has done next to NOTHING. She showed up at an art gala. Woo woo ? Hardly using her position to help people now is she ?  Nor did she EVER, not even before George was born. Waity and William are one of the laziest working royals, the facts came out in a list and they were at bottom for public service.  Prince Charles out-does Waity and William both.  

This year already, Waity took two vacations and she ditched her own 7 month old baby FOR A WEEK, while she was away, IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY.  Don't even begin to say that Waity the Slag is superior in any way whatsoever to Diana.  Waity has no work ethic and can't even handle motherhood without running away.

nonmember avatar Helen Price

Waity Kate you have gone too far. You do not know what you're talking about. Your comments have no grounds in truth. You have not the slightest shred of knowledge about British history nor the working lives of the Royal Family. You are a hideous troll. Go away.

Muriel D Millson

I think they were both amazingly strong, am not sure what Kate would do if she had a jackass for a husband like poor Diana had, so much respect for them both.

waity... waitykate

@"HELEN PRICE"......I know it's tough on you to hear the truth about Waity but it's fairly transparent that when you can't defend the way they carry on you try to defect things by whining when anyone points out what they're like. Glad I annoyed you -

waity... waitykate

I hope the corrupt English monarchy won't survive the low characters of both Willy and Waity Kate. The "royals" have never been quite what they seem, but that family is really taking a hit with those two.  Too bad, LOL - !

nonmember avatar Marie Smyth

To love and respect someone doesn't mean you pretend they didnt have faults. I still remember the night Princess Diana died. It was a tragic loss to here family.

Unfortunately, the majority of us didn't personally know her and have absolutely now way of knowing what she was like in her personal relationships.

As an outsider it seems that Diana DID not have a loving husband to support her. Catherine's husband is different, maybe because he saw what happened to his parents marriage.

Both princesses have their plus and minuses. The end.

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