Kristen Stewart Will Never Get Rob Back Dressed Like This (PHOTO)

Kristen StewartNot that a woman should ever have to look a certain way for a man to like her, but come on. When you're trying to impress upon a guy what a catch you are, you might want to spiff up a bit. You know, put on some mascara and some flattering clothes. Maybe even smile!

And if you believe the rumors that Kristen Stewart is trying to win back Robert Pattinson, you'd think she'd put some effort into it. Or maybe she is trying to prove the tabloids wrong by dressing with more grunge and scowl than usual? Hard to tell, but she is not doing herself any favors with this outfit.

KStew has a habit of preferring comfort to glam -- so much so that the lesbian rumors are by now old and tired -- but there's no reason you can't be relaxed and pretty at the same time.

Side note: Who decided that lesbians like to dress like grungy hipsters? Let's all take a collective sigh for stereotypes, shall we?

Anyway, there is no need for the most unflatteringly colored jeans in existence, a baggy tee-shirt, a boxy jacket, and dirty, worn-out kicks. Don't even get me started on the cap and the hipster glasses.

Kristen is such a naturally gorgeous young woman, and I can only guess she's making a statement that she's so cool she doesn't even care that she's flawlessly beautiful. Pffft, my face? My skin? My perfect body? Let me show you how cool I am by not caring!

We get it, Kristen. You're edgy and cool for not caring about being fashionable all the time. Now can you please put on some flattering clothes and lip gloss before grunge starts trending again? The 90s came and went for a reason.

What do you think about Kristen's outfit? Would you wear it?


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nonmember avatar mandi

1, I have a pair of jeans that colour and I love them,
2, she the type of girl who looks amazing when she is dressed up, and just as amazing when she dresses how she likes to
3, she dressed like this when she was with rob and he loved her, she has dressed like this when they were together and he loved her.
4, who cares if she is or is not a lesbian, wont change my view on her and her acting,,,
5, I love her just the way she is, don't ever change

Julie Mosbrooker

Sure  not? Nothing wrong with dressing how you want and are comfortable with. Leave her be she is not a baby and can do whatever she wants and wear what she wants.

nonmember avatar Smith

Pathetic story! You get paid to write this garbage?

nonmember avatar J

Who the hell are you to judge her for how she's dressed? It would be extremely shallow for Rob, or any guy, to base being with a girl on how she dresses. And FYI, Rob dresses the same way she does. So, if anything, he'd be less likely to want her if she glammed up all of a sudden because that's not what he's used to.

nonmember avatar Navie

I get it! "The Stir" use big name, highly popular celebs and make things up and insult them to get people to read the articles. I guess it's working..., if you also want a reputation of being the most discredited, disliked, pathetic far-reachers! Sigh... How do you sleep at night? Why don't you just go get a job writing obituaries? I'm sure that it's more rewarding...

nonmember avatar daisy summers

So what??? She looks comfortable and rob doesn't even complain about the way she dresses.

Enna Mass

It's not that awful as you make it sound; tomboy it is! and honestly speaking, i always thought she looked hot in that kind of outfit especially in twilight!

nonmember avatar Marie

There's no doubt! You are stupid!! -.-

wtf5 wtf5

Jenny Erickson is nothing but a tabloid moron peddling stereotypic images of mascara ladden Bimbo women with plastic smiles on their faces.  If this is what it means to be a Cafe Mom, she is more disconnected from reality than she realizes.  So go stir your BS about someone else Jenny.  Even on your best photoshopped day, you don't look half as amazing as Kristen does on her worst day.  Hence the constant vitriol from you. Hope that put a smile on your mug.

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