Leah Messer Shares Details on Why She Wants Jeremy to Go to Counseling (VIDEO)

Leah Messer, Jeremy CalvertWhile Leah Messer Calvert and her husband Jeremy have been busy defending their marriage and shruging off rumors of divorce, it's pretty clear from season 5 of Teen Mom 2 that the two are struggling in their relationship. Remember the bacon incident?

Anyway, on this Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment, Leah and Jeremy get real about why he doesn't want to go to couples therapy, and why it's so important to Leah that he try.

Essentially, Leah feels like Jeremy doesn't communicate well enough to show her that he loves and appreciated her, and Jeremy doesn't want to sit and dwell on his feelings.

I think Leah really nails it when she tells Jeremy, "You feel like it's not manly if you show me that sensitive side." Right. It's more manly to slap your woman with bacon. Or something.


Do you think Leah and Jeremy should go to couples counseling?


Image via MTV.com

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nonmember avatar taotzu

Mrs. Calvert needs to stop whining about anything. She is lucky that she has a man after all she has pulled. She has good man who has a job and cares about the family unit. He is doing the best he can and she should realize that having kids when you are immature is very frustrating but you made the choice so step up and be a mom. Women always want what they want when they want it but men have to wait until women are done yelling at them and even then we don't get what we want. Leah will have an affair and another child that is her destiny : )

nonmember avatar sweet

She is lucky. He loves her and works hard. She knew he worked out of town but he brings home loads of money. I hope Robbie doesn't try to sneak in when he is gone.

nonmember avatar annie

She a stupid hoe who ant happy with anything she has he works hard to provide for her and three kids two thant ant his and all she wants to do is bitch and moan once a cheater always a cheater i hear divorce papers comeing in the futer if not sooner

Spooky80 Spooky80

I can totally see them getting a divorce, maybe leah should have gotten to know jeremy really well before jumping head first into a relationship with him and having a baby and getting married

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