Nathan Griffith's Ex Talks About Jenelle Evans' Future as a Stepmom

Teen Mom 2 JaceTeen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans took some heat recently for posting pictures to Instagram of her soon-to-be stepdaughter Emery. Some of the commenters couldn't figure out if they were more upset with Jenelle for publicizing her relationship with Nathan Griffith's daughter or with Emery's mom for allowing it.

Regardless, because it's Jenelle and all the relationships must be dysfunctional, rumors started flying that the two moms hate each other. On Wednesday afternoon, Jenelle and Emery's mom, Allison Stevens, set the record straight on Twitter about the truth of their relationship.


It started when a fan tweeted a link to an article about their supposed feud, and Jenelle tweeted the link to Allison.

Then Allison went on to explain that although MTV has kept Emery out of the show, she actually does spend time with Nathan and Jenelle. Not only that -- she's happy to share her daughter with her ex and his new baby mama!

She said, "... they are together and will be married in the near future and she will be in my little girls life and I too have found someone that I believe to be the one ... so I believe it is only fair they are including our little girl in their lives ... he is her father and I will not keep his little girl from him and his fam."

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Allison really seems to care about making sure her Emmy has a good relationship with both sides of her family, which is commendable. Sometimes when there's an ex situation, it's tempting to use the kids to hurt the other person, but Allison really seems to want the best for everyone.

She continued, "... it would not only not be fair to Emmy but [to Nathan] and his fam too ... she loves his family just the same ... she's a part of him and wouldn't be fair bc I too have a significant other."

Talk about maturity. Kudos you guys -- I'm sure it's not an easy situation, but y'all seem to be handling it just fine.

Do you think these two have their heads on straight when it comes to their kids?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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