'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Should Be Wary of Desiree Hartsock's Advice

desiree hartsock and chris siegfried instagramFormer Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock couldn't sound more psyched to head down the aisle and say "I do" to fiance Chris Siegfried, but anyone who watched her season of the show knows that her heart was originally set on another suitor ... Brooks Forester was clearly her fave from the get-go, but he bailed on her in Antigua, and before we knew it, she was saying "Yes!" to Chris's proposal. Our heads were left spinning. What was up with that? Well, apparently, it had to do with Des following her head instead of her heart. Which is exactly what she just advised current Bachelorette Andi Dorfman to do.

Speaking to YourTango, Des revealed that she and Andi had a tete-a-tete at Juan Pablo's After the Final Rose shoot, and the bride-to-be broke it down for the assistant district attorney ...

Des explains:

I told her to follow her heart, but to also trust her mind. Too often, we lead with our heart and that can get us hurt, since infatuation will not last.

Interesting. I can definitely see her point, as pure lust or unrequited infatuation is never the best foundation for a long-term relationship. And when you pick a life partner, you can't be all rainbows and unicorns about it. Whether we like it or not, partnerships can't be based on romance and racing heartbeats alone. You have to consider (financial, religious, sexual, etc.) compatibility and mutual respect and admiration, among other factors.

But this also makes me a bit sad for Des, because we KNOW she has to be speaking from experience. And the way she makes it sound, she took the safe route with Chris. Worst case scenario: Maybe she's not really as head-over-heels for him as she was for Brooks, but she felt like sticking with Chris would be the practical, logical choice. Eek. I know I said relationships can't subsist on romance alone, but your heart does have to be in it!

Hopefully, Des's heart is. And Andi realizes what Des was getting at here ... Considering how quickly Andi wrote off Juan Pablo when she realized all they had was a bit of fleeting sexual chemistry, I think she gets it. I feel like she's not going to settle unless she finds the guy who is the whole package, who can satisfy her mind and her heart.

What do you think about Des's advice? Does it make you think twice about her connection with Chris?


Image via Chris Siegfried/Instagram

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Marilou Roberts

Andi will be fine. She can takecare of herself professionally and personally. She knew how to separate her profeesional life and personal life. She follow her heart but she takes her brain with her. unlike Desiree who left her brain by the door. she had no choice but to take her second choice. I still wish her the best. IMO

Sylvi Tiilikainen

So so fickle....how can Desiree be in love with Brooks and now within a week with Chris...How stupid is Chris? Run Chris, run.....

Sylvi Tiilikainen

If this does not work out, please do not allow Desiree back as Bachelorette....how much is real and how much is fake??????

Crystal Fields

Brooks completely fooled Des. I liked what Sean said about treating each relationship individually. That's the only way in which you can really see how each relationship will last. Chris and Des have much more in common than she did with Brooks. She was infatuated with him and of course was heartbroken because she had many dates with him and believed him to be head over heels with her as well. I think she realized when she was actually a happier person with Chris and that they just fit together better. Everybody says opposites attract, but if you and your significant other have nothing in common then your relationship won't last.

nonmember avatar flo

Saying it again..Chris was Des's second choice and ..if Chris is okay with being 2ND??? okay with me !

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