Leah Calvert Undergoes Surgery That Everyone Absolutely Dreads

Leah Calvert

Ugh. Poor Leah Calvert went in for surgery yesterday -- so I'm guessing she's probably feeling like sh** run over twice right about now.

And don't worry -- it's not like she had anything major done, but she's in for a pretty uncomfortable recovery process, nonetheless.

Leah had her wisdom teeth taken out, which, as I recall from my younger days, was a major pain in the mouth, head, neck, and basically anything above the shoulders.

And obviously she knew the procedure wasn't going to be any sort of picnic, which is why she tweeted about her anxiety over it before the surgery started.

Yes, Chelsea replied to her like any good friend would do -- but her answer wasn't exactly reassuring.

Just what every gal wants. Huge cheeks.

Man, I feel so bad for Leah right now! Having your wisdom teeth taken out is bad enough as it is -- but when you have kids at home who expect you to be on your A-game regardless if you're feeling up to par? Yeah, that's a whole other story.

Hopefully she's getting the rest she needs and will be back up and running in no time. At least this is one surgery that's done and out of the way so she'll never have to worry about it again!

Have you had your wisdom teeth out? Was it bad?


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Mae Hammac

she needs to wake up before she run her husband off cause from what i can see he is doing what a man should by working and if he cant get a job at home then is is doing right i understand how hard it is to raise s needs kids i am doing it now leah he loves u and ur kids and as far as the twins dad he acts like hes a good dad but it took him long eought to grow up cause i remerber when he didnt even want to move u out of the basement but he bought a truck

nonmember avatar Jen

It only hurt for a couple hours. It wasn't bad at all.

nonmember avatar Bre

I've had my wisdom teeth out and it only hurt for a couple hours. My cheeks were only slightly puffy for a couple days and it was difficult to swallow some foods. I was surprised it didn't hurt worse considering they had to cut into my gums to get 2 of the 4 out since they weren't all the way in yet. It really just depends on the person though and their pain tolerance. Hope you recover quickly for your 3 girls, Leah.

Shannon Calvert

hey i wonder if im related to her my last name is calvert too lol

BillieJo Wittbecker Fisher

I had mine taken out 2 years ago ay 32. 2 months after having a tonsillectomy. The wisdom teeth surgery isn't that bad.

Nicole Lee Sudia

I had my wisdom teeth out........The first three were very easy but the last one.........Well, let's put it this way........I would not wish that on anyone!


nonmember avatar April

Who gives a shit. When I saw the head line I thought this story was actually something interesting. Wisdom teeth? Really? Big f ing deal. That was a waste of reading I can never get back. And who the f is this girl? And why would someone put this on fb? Non one cares

beach... beachbunni307

Eh...I had all 4 out....2 were impacted. The impacted ones took longer to heal but overall it wasn't bad. I went to the mall that afternoon with a friend. Other than a little pain, it was ok.

purra... purracious

i thought it would be something interesting like a gall bladder removal because recovering from that sucks... i laugh a lot...

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