Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Might Get Back Together for REAL

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Khloe KardashianWhat?!! OMG, are Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom back together?!! RadarOnline is reporting that despite the fact that Khloe filed for divorce in December, Lamar has apparently had a change of heart after losing his place on a Spanish basketball team and begged Khloe to take him back ... and she agreed! Not only that, it's not just one of those "sources say" type of thing ... but Lamar himself reportedly saying this!

According to RadarOnline, Lamar told In Touch:

I want to make it work with Khloe. I’m going to see Khloe. I’m going to see her soon.

Now is this Lamar just going to kind of show up on her doorstep and do a stalker-y kinda thing? Maybe not, because word has it that Khloe has decided to give him another chance too. A "family insider" told RadarOnline:

He confessed his feelings and cried his heart out to her on the phone. She’d been avoiding his texts and calls for weeks, but when she heard him pleading with her to take him back, she melted.

Ohhhhh nooooo. Well, look, I'm not heartless. Of course, it would be nice to see Khloe and Lammykins work it out. But in the real world, things don't change that easily. Lamar is very likely down in the dumps right now having lost his last chance to play ball, at least for awhile, and he's turning to Khloe for comfort and an ego boost.

This doesn't mean, however, that Lamar won't start feeling all of that old restlessness and struggling with those old issues that caused his marriage-busting behavior in the first place.

No one wants to see Khloe get hurt AGAIN!

Ugh, if this report is true ... Lamar, you best treat her right this time! The world is watching you.

Do you think they are really going to give it another try?


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nonmember avatar dan

The 'K' clan is afraid of what Lamar knows and how much it will cost to get rid of him and he not spill some of their lies so they are now going to try to silnce him by refuses to divorce him.

Melissa Windom

take him back cause they belong together

nonmember avatar Bradley Rudy

Laker need you lamar... u 2 made the unbreakable label beat the odds #Lakers 4Life

Gizmo... Gizmo2014

I think they are a awesome couple and they should try it again!!! You only live once an Only Khloe can make that desicison!! No matter what stupid people say it's totally your choice and your true fans will support you in your desicison !!!! ❤️❤️❤️

nonmember avatar marina kasikila

I ill luv u too to get back together..i adore u...give him another chance...

nonmember avatar BECKY

oh my God,i will love to see them back together,i just love their love,i think theirs is made from heaven(UNBREAKABLE)Khloe is a virtuous wife.......

Ilyas Mirza

yes,Lamar will get her back.

nonmember avatar Natasha Haley

Aww I really hope they do get back together. They are just so great together.

nonmember avatar Drea

I don't know! Khloe was hurt pretty bad so idk I don't think I would if he was bad mouthing me in a rap like he did Khloe ......just saying But if she really truly loves him witch I know she does she just might go for a round 2 ❤️

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