Kailyn Lowry Reveals the Real Reason Her Mom Wasn't Invited to Her Wedding (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 2Kailyn Lowry may seem like she has it all together now, with her handsome hubby Javi Marroquin and two beautiful sons Isaac and Lincoln, but that girl has overcome some seriously sad circumstances.

She never knew her dad, and her mom has struggled with substance abuse and has never been someone she could go to for help or even comfort. On Tuesday night's new episode of Teen Mom 2, we watched Kail struggle with the decision of whether or not to invite her mom to her wedding.

She ultimately decided not to include her mom in the festivities. “I just feel like she hasn’t been there for some of the most important things in my life, and I don’t think that it’s in anyone’s best interest for her to be there,” she tearfully told Javi.

Then sweet little Isaac just said, "Don't, Mommy," and you could tell in two seconds that Kail is doing her best to be a better mom to her kids than she had.

In this Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment, Kail shares more of her reasoning behind not wanting to invite her mom to the wedding. She says it's not like she didn't want her there -- but she couldn't in her heart condone her mom's unhealthy habits.


Kailyn made a really tough decision, but she should be proud of herself. I'm sure she'll always wish her mom had been at her wedding, but if there's any hope of having a healthy relationship with her down the line, then she had to draw a firm line somewhere.

Do you think Kail made the right decision to not invite her mom to her wedding?


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nonmember avatar Erin

i think she should still invite her. She may not have always been there for you and given you that love that you give to your kid but thats where it should start. Be the bigger person and invite her, if she sees that you want her there maybe she'll want to be there. Maybe she might want to make a fresh start with you. You only get one mom, and if you do it right you may get that love from her like you want.

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