Juan Pablo & Nikki's Inevitable Breakup Has Officially Begun

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki FerrellGee. That was fast. They've only been officially together for like two weeks -- but Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are talking to couples counselors.

They were spotted looking all sorts of serious while having lunch in Miami with Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, the pair from Marriage Boot Camp.

According to RadarOnline, "The Carrolls and the new couple discussed tips on how to manage and grow their relationship now that the show has ended."

I don't mean to be mean (ok, yes I do), but seriously? They're already in couples counseling -- when Juan Pablo can't even manage to tell Nikki he loves her?

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I'm sorry, but if you need help navigating your relationship before it even reaches a remotely serious stage -- it's kind of a good indicator that maybe you're not dating the right person.

I know some people may see them talking with the Carrolls as a positive thing. It shows they're at least trying to make a go of it -- but something tells me this is only the first step down the path of going their separate ways for good.

Come on -- do you really think this relationship is going to last? There's no way. I guess it would be different if they were telling anyone who will listen how happy and in love they are. But considering how "mysterious" they've been since the finale of The Bachelor, it would almost be strange not to doubt them being the real deal.

And if they're seeking help from couples counselors this early on, who will they talk to prematurely in another month or two? Divorce lawyers?

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Do you think it's good or bad that Juan Pablo and Nikki have sought out counseling?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Donna Corbosiero Marks

The whole thing is just bizzare I am actually done with it all I was hoping but that is just a reach that they need counseling already.It was never meant to be period!


nonmember avatar molly

Why don't you just wish them well and leave them alone. I don't like JP either, but I'm so over it. Move on.

Sandra Blake

Maybe they just need help dealing with all the bad media you folks give them all the time.  Maybe they just need some advice on dealing with being in the public eye.  Dont judge til you know what the heck you are talking about.  If you guys just left everyone alone, things would probably be better.

Donna Kelly

I don't think it will work out as they were never together it was just a farce and Juan is in love with himself

nonmember avatar Wendy

This was a very stupid season. At first I liked him, but as it got going I could see thru him and I do not like him.I wish everyone would just ignore them and let them go on,maybe they will just  breakup when people quit looking.

I think everyone who is on the shows are mainly there for the cool adventure and IF by chance they do happen to find love, well that is a bonus.
This season was a joke for sure! If it don't get serious soon I don't think the show will be on much longer. Maybe they ought to get NEW people instead of contestants from the show.

Cynthia Salmieri

I think they need some kinda counsel,Because to mr she is a Witch from HELL !!!!!


Jessica Decker Shinkonis

I think they are real people. I also find it hard to believe that you can know a person enough to propose to them while you are "dating" 20 other people. We don't know if he has told her he loves her or not. Just because they want to try to take the time to date like normal people do, doesn't mean we should be so quick to judge them. Maybe they want to try and keep their relationship private.

Kim Shearer



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