Guess Which 'RHOBH' Star Is Definitely Getting Fired (VIDEO)

I think we have to start calling it Housewives' Land. I don't remember ever having THREE franchises airing at once, but it's a BIG commitment for fans. Between The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Beverly Hills reunion part 1, and New York City, not to mention NeNe Leakes' turn on Dancing With the Stars, there wasn't time to watch anything else!! I do, however, have some Orange County and New Jersey gossip to add.

In Atlanta, it's clear to me that Kenya Moore is trying her best to write everyone's storylines for them. This works very well for her in some cases, but NOT all. And could you believe Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter Thomas playing Oprah yet again? In today's exclusive video below, I detail exactly how that set-up between Apollo Nida and Kenya might have played out, and how Phaedra Parks knew to show up at exactly the right time.

On Beverly Hills, before we even got to the gossip, we had to address a certain online petitionBrandi Glanville has inspired more hate than Jill Zarin ever did, and that's saying something. I discuss my prediction on the next Beverly Hills ladies to be cut from the show, as well as some behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of how reunion shows are put together. Is Yolanda Foster being overly earnest? Does everyone really hate Lisa Vanderpump?

And back home in New York, we've got #BookGate -- so crazy that it has its own hashtag on Twitter. Having a bit of direct experience with what it takes to write a book (I wrote one, too), I break it all down for you. Who won this fight? Aviva Drescher? Carole Radziwill? You may or may not agree with my evaluation, so let me know below.

Also this week, some BLATANT Housewives' plagiarism by multiple women -- did you catch them all? Will Teresa Giudice experience the Phaedra Parks treatment from Bravo? Will we like the new Orange County cast members?? Watch today's episode and fire back in the comments!

Which Real Housewife do you think Bravo should fire next?


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Simon van Kempen

I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND what Brandi Glanville was trying to achieve with her Reunion styling. This attempt to be sophisticated with demure styling is so much at odds with both her RHoBH character this season and in her (many drunken) public appearances, that it just comes across as false. What is it they say 'if you put lipstick on a........"

nonmember avatar BostonMax

Where is the video?!?!

nonmember avatar Mbb

First time I am watching your segment here ... I enjoyed it BUT girl get some acoustic's tough on the ears! Maybe glue some paper egg cartons to those lovely walls (not) but there might be a better mike ⚡️

Tricia Morris

Wish everyone who watched these reality shows, listened to Alex first! then they would realize it's work, & fixed for fake reactions/drama's

nonmember avatar Sarah Sally Sue

It is interesting that a petition was created to fire Brandi, but I'm not sure it will do any good. While I do think viewers enjoy a train wreck like Brandi, it's the wrong show for it. Unfortunately, I don't think Bravo execs have the self-awareness to understand that.

I agree with you, Alex; Kenya did herself no favors by cornering Apollo. But, I certainly was loving every minute of it. The anticipation of Phaedra walking in at any moment was almost too good to be true.

Carol Aldridge-Urquhart you & I look forward to seeing what you have to say every week! Now Brandi...ugh.. blames Lisa for calling out her drunken behavior we see on the show? What about what we see all over the media? I think she called herself the "truth cannon" so we would believe her for the first 2 seasons. Now she thinks we will always believe her...Lisa was so good to her and Brandi is horrible to her now (I'm British & I get Lisa's humor) I totally agree with what you said about Yolanda..she just doesn't get it. Yolanda was also a housewife on another Reality Housewife in Germany or somewhere (I saw it on you-tube) I wonder if she is friends with those ladies now? On a lighter note I loved Andy's face when Kim said "This show saved my life" ...he looked like "dam and now I have to fire you" I also love Carole's sense of humor and think her blogs are great and she is a great addition to New York. Maybe she was over sensitive because her writing career is all she has. She hasn't a husband, children or the many careers Aviva states to have. Keep up the great work Alex! xoxo

Lisa McNamee Kimberlin

I use to love these shows because it was about the housewives lives, how they lived and their so called friends (castmates) that they hang out with - they are more about the drama now and it seems so much more scripted, than it use to be. I stopped watching Atlanta because of that (Kenya) and I will probabaly stop watching BH because of that as well (Brandi/Kim) - stop the Drama so us your real lives, it is away for us to escape our worlds.

nonmember avatar Sue

I thik that Carlton on RHOBH shuld be fired, can't stand her and Kenya from RHOA, can't stand her either.

nonmember avatar Judith N. Hulse

Brandi Glanville is pure trash and Kim Richards is next in line. They probably should be replaced. Brandi is as phony as her hair extensions and her fake eyelashes. She is ordinary, at best. Doesn't exactly fit in on the show. Her drinking and her deceit are also problems. Kim Richards has a mouth like a sailor and it appears that she was brought up by a pack of wolves. Decorum is learned and it would be helpful for her to learn it. These two women are wearing thin on viewers. Bravo, take notice. It is a lot like Kim from Atlanta, you can dress it up and put lipstick on it but, it is still a pig. It is what it is.

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