'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Carole & Aviva Are Both Accused of Telling Big Ol' Lies

Aviva and Carole Since the end of the last season of The Real Housewives of New York, Aviva Drescher has been on the outs with the other wives. This week (as the top of our intelligent T.V. screens were keen to remind us) kicked off #bookgate. Aviva, writing her own memoir, turned to Carole Radziwill for advice on the writing life. But in a matter of minutes (45 or so as the fates and Andy Cohen had it), it all went south. The episode ended with Aviva and Carole hurling accusations at each other. Well, one accusation: That neither woman wrote her book alone. Each believes the other worked with a ghostwriter. 

Aviva has been clamoring to mend fences since last year's debacle with Ramona Singer. She genuinely seems to want to climb back into this social melee (god help her). She turned to Carole, someone she has long admired, for help and was met with straight-up hostility. 

Whatever you think of someone, essentially snipping because you dislike them isn't just poor form, it's guaranteed to make you the bigger banana-head. That's exactly what happened here for Carole.

She is a writer (a good one!) and had the opportunity to share a little bit of what her experience has been with a woman who has less experience. Carole said her beef with Aviva was her lying about using a ghostwriter. I think her real issue was her belief that Aviva was trying to ingratiate herself to Carole and it wasn't sitting well with her. 

It looks like this fight isn't going to end swiftly. I guess the fact that there's a hashtag dedicated to its splendor says it all. There will be yelling, and face-squeezing, and somewhere a writer of zero import will finish their first novel and probably no one will ever read it until they are a-molderin' in the grave. Sonja Morgan colors back in another hole on another expensive purse from another life. She knows exactly what I mean.

Who do you think is currently winning #bookgate?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer A.

Team Carole. She might have been a little harsh during their initial meeting but watching Aviva downplay Carole's entire career as a journalist and author was very rude. Then Aviva went to the other ladies to continue to spread the rumor. Aviva said she was angry because she didn't feel like she was getting support from Carole but spreading gossip is not the way to go about it.

nonmember avatar sharon

Aviva should learn that you can not attack someone because they don't give you what you want. She has attacked everyone of the housewives for the same reasons. Spoiled brat. Get rid of her she's a menace.

nonmember avatar autumn

I agree w/ the writers analysis. Neither Carole nor Aviva are blameless here. Carole was rude and condescending, and Aviva in turn was spreading gossip that was better left unsaid. Whether either had a ghostwriter is anyones guess.

nonmember avatar Susan

I don't think Carole was condescending. She was defensive and with good reason. When they sat down to lunch, Carole already knew that Aviva was using a ghostwriter, yet Aviva wanted Carole to act as if Aviva was an author who had written the book herself. When Carole refused to go along with the farce, Aviva lashed out and accused Carole of using a ghost writer, a baseless allegation that Aviva continues to repeat in online interviews. Aviva seems to have no limits or boundaries and Carole should stay away from her.

Aviva is scary. I think that's why Ramona is treading lightly this season.

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