Chelsea Houska’s Major Milestone Will Make Aubree So Happy

Chelsea HouskaDid Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska just make a major purchase? After years of living in rentals, the stylish single mom to 4-year-old daughter Aubree may have purchased her first home!

There's no confirmation yet, but through the magic of deductive reasoning, we're pretty sure that the Sioux Falls native finally has her own place to call home where she can put down some roots.


Chelsea tweeted a picture of her and Aubree sharing a sweet mommy-daughter kiss in front of an adorable looking wood-frame house, with the simple caption, "So blessed."

That doesn't neccessarily mean anything, even if you consider her oft-mentioned desire to settle down somewhere with her daughter, but when you combine it with what her dad's been tweeting this week, we're pretty sure that that's the new Houska Homestead.


Did you catch that little house emoji? And complaining about moving refrigerators? Could Chelsea's dad be busy helping his daughter and granddaughter move into their new pad?

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Anyway, it just seems like a good time for this to happen for Chels and Aubree. She's been banking her checks from MTV, not to mention saving from her jobs at the tanning salon and now as an aesthetician. She's done with school, she's into her 20s, and she's probably more than ready to take on a mortgage.

We're still waiting for confirmation, but if the rumor is true, then congrats are definitely in order -- Chelsea's earned it.

Do you think Chelsea just bought a house?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Twitter

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