Kailyn Lowry Didn't Know What She Was Getting Into When She Married Javi

Kailyn LowryIt's always difficult when you marry into a family that's very different from your own. Or, in Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry's case, it's difficult to marry into a family when you don't really have one of your own.

Kail's hubby Javi Marroquin is the baby of a large, tight-knit family, while she grew up the only child of a dysfunctional single mom and has been on her own since she was 16. So yeah, marrying into Javi's family was a little bit of a culture shock for her.

On tonight's new episode of Teen Mom 2, it's almost time for the wedding, but not before Javi's family confronts Kail about being uncomfortable around them.

"I think I feel bad for the girls in our family, because I feel like we're ... very opinionated," said one of Javi's female relatives. "It's hard to let go, and it's hard to let people in ... I think it's like a hard adjustment. And it's hard to let go especially because Javi is the baby." 

"We view you as part of our nine now," she continued. "It seems like you're not comfortable around us still to come to us and say, 'Jenny, look, what about this?' And then when I did give up my opinion, it was a problem."

Kail also expressed her frustration with the situation and said, "I don't want you guys to take it the wrong way that I always have my friends around ... to me, those [people] are my family."

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Thankfully, she had her own friends there to defend her, and it seems like all's well that ends well, but dang if it isn't tough trying to figure out those new relationships.

Did you have a hard time learning to get along with your in-laws?

Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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Blossom Sharma

A culture shock is right! It's always difficult to join in with a family that is very different from your own, but I like Kail, she is smart and very independent. It's only natural for her to be a little uncomfortable since she was raised very differently. It will take time, but I think Kail will develop a tight bond with Javi's family. She appears to be very happy!

Angie Collins-Gutierrez

not some much mother or father in law just one of my sister in-laws we just don't care for each other that was form the star ......

nonmember avatar Leah

It's a Hispanic thing trust me! They're very protective of the men in their families because they're the bread winners, and your taking from them meaning the women of the family. Been there done that still dealing with it, but I love my husband.

nonmember avatar tishjohn09

me my self i dont really get alonv with my in laws. they do.t really like me an thats whayever to me.

Amanda Jackson

I don't get along hardly with my in laws and avoid my sister in law and brother in law at all costs, we tolerate each other on Christmas when everybody meets in public but,I won't go to anybody's house

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