Guy Tries to Save Girlfriend From 'Beyonce Shock' (VIDEO)

girlfriend freaks out over beyonce can't even parodyThere's just something about Beyonce. No matter how indifferent you think you are to her bootylicious powers, watching her perform can trigger a totally unexpected reaction. Possible symptoms of said reaction may include a barrage of gasps, dropped jaw, saying you're "literally dying," and going into a state of absolute shock in which you can pretty much only say one word: "YAAAASSSS" and "Looooove!"

Garlic Jackson Comedy's new parody so brilliantly depicts a boyfriend trying to save his girlfriend’s life as she goes into full-on, Beyonce shock -- literally. And it's hilarious, because it is, like, OMG, so totally dead-on. I mean, we can't even.

Check it out ...


Haa, I love how the 911 dispatcher has to break it down for ol' BF here that there "is no male equivalent ... I guess the closest is like Leo or Gosling." Not EVEN, buddy! Guys may never fully comprehend why we ladies are head over heels for some Queen Bey, but that's okay. As long as they'll stand by as we willingly subject ourselves to Beyonce-related freakouts that render us unable to "use our words" properly, it's all good.

Can you relate? If not Beyonce, what other entertainer often has you saying, "I can't even!"?


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