Kate Gosselin's New TV Special Has at Least One Saving Grace

kate gosselinSet your DVRs or shoot your TVs -- your choice, Kate Gosselin is back! The infamous reality star, and her eight cute kids, are set to grace TLC once more, this time with a one-hour special in June. Think of it as a "where are they now" type of show, only not at all since not a day goes by without seeing Kate's face in the media.

But! There is a silver lining, fans and Kate Haters alike. One thing that totally makes the show worth watching ...

Aaden! Kate's sextuplets -- Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel -- who we haven't seen in quite some time (they're almost 10!), will be in the special, as well. Yay! Not only were they all impossibly cute last we checked, who can't wait to see the adorable bespectacled Aaden?! I'll totally sit through an hour of Kate babbling and fame whoring in order to get a glimpse of those cuties.

Of course, this show is a bit strange in the sense that it's not live and will be completely edited before viewers get a glimpse. In other words, we won't get a real sense of what Kate and her children are like, as we have on various talk shows recently. Also, being that the show isn't airing until June, Kate will have plenty of time to coach them on how to behave and what to say. 

Again, though, I'm all about this special. In fact, I may as well have produced it. The sextuplets were the reason I watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 to begin with, so I'm dying to see what they're up to now. Actually, I'd be perfectly happy if the special were just called Plus 8. No offense, but who cares about Kate?

Will you be watching this?


Image via accidental paparazzi/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Guest

Um, the bespeckled one was Joel

nonmember avatar melissa

Aiden wears the glasses. How do they hire writers for this site?

Nicole Jones Williams

I agree, Who cares about Kate? Let's see how the kids are doing...that's what people really want to see....leave Kate out of it as much as you can!

nonmember avatar Guest

No. Will not watch.

mamat... mamatreat

Interesting.  I guess I missed the part in the article in which the writer called Collin bespectacled. I see where she calls him be-specked. But not bespectacled.  

But yes, who the heck cares what she is doing now?  I can't wait till these kids get older and totally call their mom out for fame whoring...

Angie Williams

No, will not watch. Put more "Little Couple" on. They are worth watching.

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