Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have Big News to Celebrate!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

With their wedding a little over two months away, they certainly don't need any extra headaches, which is why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West should be thrilled that a judge is allowing their lawsuit against the dude who videotaped their proposal.

According to TMZ, Chad Hurley was trying to get the lawsuit against him dismissed -- because he says he filmed the proposal without realizing he'd signed a confidentiality agreement before doing so.

But after reviewing the evidence, the judge in the case has determined that there's no way Hurley could've possibly missed the word "confidentiality" at the top of the one-page agreement, so he threw out the motion to dismiss the case.

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And now in between cake tastings, dress fittings, and meetings with the florist, Kim and Kanye can giggle and grin over the fact that the lawsuit will not only go ahead as planned -- but over the idea that they could wind up pocketing millions out of it.

Get this one -- apparently this Hurley guy could be liable for fraud, which could lead to punitive damages. Did I mention he's one of the co-founders of YouTube and isn't exactly dirt poor?

Ahh. There's nothing quite as sweet as revenge, is there?

Do you Kim and Kanye are justified in suing this guy?


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nonmember avatar Erica

Yes, revenge is sweet. I can't wait until karma catches up to these two egotistical attention whores. They want cameras in their faces 24/7 so they can be in the public eye constantly. The only reason they've ever chosen to not release something to the public is to create "suspense" which would create more attention for them. Yes, celebrities have a right to privacy, but when you're famous for sharing every second of your life with the world it's a little damn suspicious when you suddenly decide that you don't want cameras around. I wish they'd just fall into oblivion.

nonmember avatar Angeline Olibru

Why cant people stop talking about them please.

Shelley Mullen

Kanye  west should  b in jail. He's nothing but a loser.

Syndi Macha

they r just money hungry whores!!!!!!!!!! why cant they make the money like everyone else does!!!!! work 4 a living Kim that means not on ur back making sex tapes that the only reaon ur such a money f---k whore

Linda Tellez

They are ridiculous. her life is on TV, if anyone should be suing it should be the E channel. I watched the proposal on TV, it was kinda boring... I mean... Other than flaunting his money around, it was weak. The video of a man dancing at downtown Disneyland was more exciting. and HE POSTED IT FOR FREE. Kanye walks around with a chip on his shoulder. Honestly, someone should just kick him... like out of no where.... just straight up kick him... and if he falls..... drop kick elbow to the face...

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