Jenelle Evans' Heartbreaking Confession About Jace's Dad May Be for the Best

Jenelle EvansI guess Jace's dad doesn't really want to see him after all. Last summer, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans' baby daddy Andrew Lewis made quite a stink that Jenelle and her mom Barbara (who has custody of Jace) weren't letting him see his son. You know, the one he's never had anything to do with.

Anyway, I guess he was just making noise, because now Jenelle is claiming that Jace's dad wants nothing to do with him.

Jenelle took to Twitter on Monday to air her grievances against Andrew and his lack of involvement in their son's life.

OK, on the one hand, it's easy to just feel awful for Jace about not having his dad in his life, but this might actually be for the best. This is the guy that didn't think using heroin was that big of a deal, admitted to hitting Jenelle during their relationship, and just last summer called the mother of his child "dumber than a f---ing brick."

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It sucks. It really, really sucks. But at least now they can be honest with Jace instead of trying to make nicey-nice and then having to deal with disappointment after disappointment as Andrew inevitably fails to deliver.

Kids are more resilient than we give them credit for, and Lord knows Jace has had more than his fair share to bounce back from in his short little life.

But now his mom seems like she's really getting her act together. She hasn't been arrested for hard drugs in almost a year. She's with a guy that loves and defends her (even if they do fight like banshees sometimes) and seems to love being a stepdad. She's pregnant with his little brother Kai.

Things may finally be settling down and looking up for Jace. The last thing he needs is cray cray Andrew in his life. 

Do you think a relationship should be forced between Jace and his dad?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Taya

Jace's Real dad needs to continue to stay away! Poor guy has had enough disfunction and will continue, without having that loser in his lil life..seem like jenelle is doing Great! !! But what and Why was Barbara doing on jaces bday?!!! Changing his Diaper??!!!! He's *4* ...,Wow!! And when jenelle brought his Birthday Cake in Barbara who is Negative Nelly, Says the Frosting can't be eaten because its FONDUE.,, that was hilarious it's called Fondont.. And yes you can Eat was actually an Awesome cake..

Christina Shania Grice

jenelle u just stay strong for your little handsome prince..i have 5 kids and there dad took his own life 2 and half years i have no choice just like yourself to get up and get on with life for my kids..jace will never have anyone to thank when hes older except for yourself and your diamond of a mum she has played a massive part in your sons life and she deserves a medal because she has done more than a father could have done for him.xxxxx

nonmember avatar Alanna

Ugh... I think she's dumber than a brick as well. I don't really watch that show but did watch the episode where she told her mother she was going to try and get pregnant... First of all WHY IN THE HELL did she think for any reason it was fair to any of them for her yo intentionally get pregnant before she even had any custody of the child she already had first?? Then proceeded to tell her rational mother that by then she would have at least weekends with him.... Frankly I was disgusted. Also anybody who knows anything about hardcore drug addicts especially heroin users knows that a YEAR "clean" isn't long at all. I can't stand this girl and her lack of knowledge. Let's just hope she does do the right thing by Jace and doesn't forget her responsibility to him before she starts playing house with this new "flavor of the week".

nonmember avatar aamber

Better for Jace growing up not knowing the jerk versus being in and out of his life

4490345 4490345

If he doesnt want to see Jace it is better than be hurt by his dad later this is so sad

nonmember avatar becky

It should not be a way it sounds like my sons father who has seen him a total of five times and my son is going to be ten on Friday. My son knows now about his father and all the promises his father has made to come see him. My sons father gave up his rights after my son turned one saying that he doesn't want to deal with child support and owes my son $500 still. He seen him on his first bday seen him a few times after he was a year old and then seen him again before he turned 5 and thats the last my son seen him. He will talk to him here or there maybe once every six months to a year but that's about it. He won't see his dad again any time soon any way because his dad is living in a different state right now because his dad robbed a school and if he came back to this state would be arrested. Fathers can be worthless but a dad is someone who's always there in your life as a constant parent

Roman... RomansMommy2011

I think its better for jace. Nathan seems more intrested in jaces life than andrew ever did.

Erin Johnson

Ok, so this is what happens when you think getting pregnant is some kind of game without any responsibility attached. You abort some babies and try to get pregnant again. If she honestly wanted a better life for her son she probably should have given him up for adoption where he could have TWO parents who both wanted and loved him. I'm so over this girls antics, grow up already. You can be pissed about who your kid's father is but the deed is done, best to turn to that face in the mirror and tell her to get her poop in a group and be a REAL mother to him. This kid needs at least one parent that wants to care for him. Sure he has grandma and that's great, but how does it feel to have a mom also bouncing in and out of your life, playing house with you one minute and then playing with her new boy toy the next. I feel like the only reason they continued with her on the show is for the drama. It's called Teen Mom, but frankly she has no clue what that actually means. I applaud the other moms who are doing their all for their kids.

justt... justtalken

I think Jenelle is doing great I think her mom should let her past stay in the past. I think is is time.Have got to Like with is mom lime he wants so that she.can be his mom for a change. Its time her mom stepped back there is gonna be another baby and Jennelle needs to have a chance to be one on one with Jace and get there routine in place before it comes. Have is a handful he has been allowed to get by with way to much he needs a structured home with rules and parents. If his grandmothèr cares about either of them she will do just that step back and be a grandmother. Her biggest problem I feel is going to be not to undermine Jenelle and to except what rules Jenelle puts down . This way he'd and Have can get there mommy son bond back before the new baby arrives and Have gets prepaared with mom and stepdad for the new arrival of his baby brother problem is her mom likes pulling rank with jace telling her she can't spend time with him are getting mad.and taking him as to say I have the upper hand. We all make mistakes but she has turned her life around she needs support and her mom to be her mom now and let her be a mom to her on child.

nonmember avatar Nancy

I was in shock at this post, and then I saw the word "cray cray" used, and it's obvious what type of person would post this. Having cameras in her little boy's face during his most crucial years is clue enough that Jenelle doesn't have her son's best interest at heart. Of course the biological dad should be kept from Jace, and so should Janelle. What is she doing having another child, when, in the few years she's been a mother, she's only managed a pitiful amount of time as a competent mother, as far as the cameras show? And taking her word for the offenses of the biological dad is gullible as well, because she has no reason to defend him, and reaps every benefit of slamming his reputation on a national joke of a show. When women do what she does in real life, people look down on them and CPS is staked out in trees and bushes around their homes, waiting for them to trip. When a woman does it on tv, though, she gets hoards of star-struck supporters, encouraging the same behavior they'll gossip about to their neighbors about "that trashy girl I told you about". Think about your own children, and whether you would excuse yourself for the things she's done, including exposing her child and mother to national speculation and ridicule. And if you get chills imagining it as I do, why would you support a woman who has no issue bringing that on her family?

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