Juan Pablo's Latest Move Is Really Low -- Even for Him

Juan Pablo Galavis

OMG. You've GOT to be kidding me. After refusing to divulge any details about his relationship with Nikki Ferrell in addition to shunning any sort of public appearances related to his role as The Bachelor -- now Juan Pablo Galavis is hosting events in exchange for cash in an effort to keep himself famous.

Would you believe he has an appearance coming up at The Pool After Dark night club in Atlantic City on March 29? The poster advertising the gig simply says "Juan Pablo" -- not The Bachelor Juan Pablo or Juan Pablo from The Bachelor.

Not convinced he's biting the hand that fed him yet? Wait until you hear this one.

According to TMZ, Juan Pablo specifically told the casino where the club is located that he'd only do the appearance if no reference to The Bachelor was made.

Wait. It gets worse.

He's supposedly being paid a cool $20,000 for being there, and even agreed to a 15-person meet and greet -- though his fans are forbidden from asking him about his time as The Bachelor. (Good luck with that, Juan P. You know somebody's gonna slip.)

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Ugh. I know he's not happy with ABC and all -- but does he not realize that the only reason he's gained any sort of fame and recognition is because of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor? Like, does he truly believe he can have some sort of stand-alone showbiz career without ever noting that he appeared on those two shows?

If that's the case, then he's even more despicable than we thought. Here producers took a chance on him and gave him the role of a lifetime. Now he refuses to be associated with anything involving his time on reality TV? I'm sorry, but that's just messed up.

Disagree with how you were portrayed on the show. Go ahead and tell everyone you regret doing it. But don't try and act like it never actually happened.

Do you think Juan Pablo will stay famous?


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Jacee... Jacee2348

Only if you writers keep freaking putting out stories about him!  This guy needs to disappear!  I wouldn't go anywhere to see this douche if you PAID ME to go! 

nonmember avatar Jenni

NO!!!! Another one like Farrah Abraham and Jake Pavlaka

nonmember avatar Katina

I agree with Jacee stay out of his business and you/ we have nothing!!! Your keeping him in publics eyes by sharing any info on him. Make him disappear and don't give him what he wants by posting anything he does!!!

Chandra Curtis

That's why he refused to say anything about his relationship on The Bachelor. He wanted everyone to love or hate him for it so everyone would continue to talk about him. He wanted fame. That was the whole reason for doing the show, in the first place, not love.

Pam Krajewski

I really could care less whether Juan Pablo wants to be associated with The Bachelor or not. It's his choice, so just let it be. Seems to me that it's more so the show that wants the publicity for ratings that's the concern.

Lynne Stauter

he will never ever be famous with me. I think he is money hungry fool, looking for fame. He wont last long cause noone likes him


youth... youthfulsoul

Seems as though he blames his recent slip ups and/or language barrier issues on the Bachelor franchise  rather than himself and this is his way of saying they did all if this, they are to blame for his poor public image. Not himself.

Anne Marie Beaudet

Hopefully nobody shows up at that event, or any future event for that matter. He is just a fame whore! He needs to go back to his regular life and take care of his precious daughter Camila!

Angela Anderson Olson

well, I can honestly say... YES he will stay famous, as long as you keep talking about him. I have read more articles about Juan Pablo than I have any other bachelor or bachelorette....

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