'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Married Leah Calvert Is a 'Single Mom' Too (VIDEO)

Leah CalvertBeing a single mom is hard, no doubt about it. But what about being a mother of three, including one child with special needs, when your husband is constantly gone? Welcome to the life of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert. We've seen the burden of parenting solo while husband Jeremy Calvert is out of town for work weighing heavier and heavier on Leah's shoulders in season 5, and in an exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday night's episode (airing at 10 p.m. on MTV), we're finally seeing Leah hitting her breaking point.

Not only does she flat out call herself a single mom, but Leah starts dancing around the "d" word. You know, divorce? YIKES!

OK, now let's break this down.

Jeremy certainly has a point about having to support the family, and Leah is lucky to have a guy pulling in such good money to support their lifestyle. He may not be the most lovey dovey, touchy feely dude, but he's not a bad husband by any stretch. Couples counseling may be in order, but threatening to leave him over his job? That's a low blow.

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BUT I can't help feeling for Leah. She's caught up in the day-to-day with three kids. Can you blame her for being a little me-centric right now? And for feeling alone?

The "single mom" claim may rankle the truly single moms out there, and for good reason. Challenging though her life may be, Leah has a lot of support -- not just with Jeremy, her husband, but with her ex and his wife, with her parents, with her ex's parents.

But she can't help the way she feels right now. 

Can you see Leah's side of things? Or is she insulting the real single moms out there?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar taotzu

She has three kids granted two are twins but once she found out that one of the twins is disabled she should have halted things with having any more. She basically signed up for her life now with the bad choices she made in the past. She must deal with the pros and cons of the choices she has made. She will cheat on Jeremy while he is gone and he should expect that to happen because she wants things her way. She knows nothing about give and take or negotiations in a relationship. This is what happens when immature children choose unprotected sex.

nonmember avatar What?

They do have a support team but that team also has their own obligations in life. It seems to me that she is seeking support emotionally from him about what she goes through and that seems to be her 1st concern. When she tries to express her loneliness he always responds w/ the job topic. She just wants him to sympathetic and emotional w/ her more than anything, and she seems to be not getting it. Also they may possibly be moving a distance away from that team of people, for Ali's needs (horse, therapy, etc.). Sadly as we age that support team tends to dwindle. In the end they are a couple and their parents and are responsible for them and in the end they have to be able to rely on each other, i believe that's where she's coming from.

Hunny... HunnybearSG

She married him knowing what he did for a living. It is 100% wrong of her to expect him to start over doing something else now. Especially considering that one of the 3 girls is his biological child. Yes he has always supported the twins in everything they needed and I truly believe that he loves them, he has a child of his own to think of now too. She's never had a problem with the income he provides, does she really think that he will be able to make the kind of money he does now doing anything else? I know money isn't everything, but let's face it, kids in general are expensive, a child that is going to need specialized equipment and medical treatment is twice, if not more, expensive. I understand her feelings when it comes to being alone a lot but, this is what she agreed to when she said "I do". Too many women think that when they become a wife all of a sudden everything is just going to be roses & rainbows, or that her husband is going to start doing exactly what she says or wants. Sorry, but that is not reality. Marriage involves two people and is full of compromise from both sides. I hope they make it, and that she WAKES UP & realizes that she is married to a good man.

nonmember avatar mustsaymyopion

REALLY??? Man up??? Leah wow I understand your struggles as a mom with a child with special needs cause I have a son that has special needs. But you should be so THANKFUL you have a man that works and is home when ever he can and is in his child's life and raises 2 girls that aren't his biologicaly his but treats them like they are. You need to stop being selfish and come to terms that you have a great man that many women would give anything to have one that works and takes care of his kids. Jeremy you are awesome and you said it right and are doing the right thing for your family. But sadly I think if Cory wasn't married she would leave you for him like she did in the past. But I can see her cheating on you cause she said the same shit to Cory and that he wasn't there emomtionly for her. Hope I'm wrong but stay strong Jeremy you are doing the right thing and Leah you need to grow up and quit being so selfish and stop thinking about you you you you. It should be about YOUR FAMILY NOT YOU!

tlava tlava

Leah is selfish. You knew his job before you married him. So jeremy is right should have thought about it all before you said I do.

nonmember avatar Crystal

She's not insulting single moms--or at least not this single mom, but she is being a little ... whiny? I mean, sure she has 3 kids, and that's hard work, but look at it this way. That girl is YOUNG! She has more stamina than an older mother would. She has a wonderful support system. Most don't. She doesn't have an outside job. So she has the ability to focus solely on being a mother. She doesn't have the additional worry of a job. Her husband makes good money. While they may still have financial concerns, they've got it better than most. I think she needs to take a breather and really think about how it could be. And, hello, she gets her nails and hair done alllll the time. How thinly stretched could the girl be? I haven't had my nails done in 6 years and my last haircut was about a year ago. Leah, girl, get some perspective!!

nonmember avatar Nancy

It is deja vu all over again. She complained about Corey and he was a great guy and now she's complaining about Jeremy and he's also a great guy. Before she married Jeremy she did seem unhappy with his being out-of-town all the time for work so she knew what she was getting into. Many women would LOVE to be with a nice guy like Jeremy that works and makes good money. I hope she wakes up and realizes this before she loses him for good. I think Jeremy does fear she is going to cheat on him which is why in a recent episode he did seem to be considering working closer to home. I hope they make it.

Spooky80 Spooky80

leah needs to be more appreciative and thankful that she has a good man that busts his ass to support her and the kids and she knew what his work schedule was like before she married him, leah should be glad that jeremy Isn't one of those lazy guys who lays on the couch watching the TV all day drinking beer and eating pizza, leah Isn't a supportive wife at all

nonmember avatar Deeyah

Right because having a home and a husband that works his butt off so that he can SUPPORT you and your family , is EXACTLY like being a single mother .. Smh

nonmember avatar What?

He's gone for entire work weeks, not home at all. Yes finance stress's are there. He's a solid rock when it comes to income and loving his and her kid(s). She knew she would be without him and chose to marry him, but she never thought she would have to beg for emotional support. She's very lonely and begging for him to give her some sympathy or a shoulder to vent or cry on from time to time. That need every spouse needs does not make her ungrateful, people can't help their feelings. She just wants to hear back, "I miss you too, know it's hard on you, so grateful for what you do on your own. I know it's hard on you, want to be with you more, we will get through this absence together. We will be supportive of each other as we work through this stage in our lives and eventually ease into making some changes." I'm pretty sure if she started the conversations with the very words she wants to hear from him (but from her), he would open up more and feel appreciated too. For now he just plays the job card whenever she says she wants that EMOTIONAL support, it's sad to see it taking a toll on their marriage. I hope one of them puts their pride aside and starts something along these lines or things may get worse. Leah may start to feel she and her family needs support from someone else and Jeremy will feel more and more unappreciated.

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