'DWTS' Premiere Recap: Season 18 Brings Incredible Talent but Something Is Definitely Off

Tom Bergeron Erin Andrews

I can't lie. It's been quite some time since this has happened -- but I was glued to the TV during the Dancing With the Stars season 18 premiere tonight. Typically I sort of fade in and out as far as how much I'm really paying attention on the first night -- but tonight? Something was just different.

Um, could they have done any better with the cast they chose this time around? There's someone for people from any generation to root for, and the competition is as good as it gets.

And honestly, at this point -- I have more than one favorite.

NeNe Leakes is full of fun and sass. Danica McKellar is all sorts of adorable and then some. James Maslow is hawwwwttt. Meryl Davis can spin like nobody's business.

Candace Cameron Bure is one hell of a dancer -- and duh, she's D.J. Tanner, which makes her someone every 30-something can't help cheering on. Charlie White is ... well, Charlie White, people! And Amy Purdy? OMG. I am not a crier, but I got a little bit choked up when she took the floor with Derek Hough tonight. If she isn't an inspiration to people everywhere that anything is possible -- no one is.

But let's forget about the cast for a second -- because as good as they are, there was definitely an elephant in the room this evening.

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Yes, I'm referring to Erin Andrews. Holy freakin' AWKWARD. Who else kept expecting Brooke Burke to show back up in the ballroom and expose the whole firing thing as a joke? (Ugh. We wish.)

I know Erin is trying to take a different approach to hosting DWTS, but she was long-winded, a tad inappropriate, and seemed to be trying to create a whole lot of unnecessary drama. Like when she called out Cody Simpson in front of his girlfriend for "being distracted" by his partner Witney's moves. (WTF?)

Season 18 totally has the potential to be a real game changer and draw in more viewers than ever. But let's hope Erin gets her act together before she winds up ruining things for everyone.

Who was your favorite dancer tonight?


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Susan Seufert

I think I might have to disagree with you on this one Mary.  I think Erin was brought in to make things more interesting.  Yes, she has more of an edge than Brooke, but it was her first time out of the gate.  Lets give her a chance like we gave Brooke a chance.  If my memory serves me correctly, Brooke was not a fan favorite at the beginning of her run with the show.  Yes, Erin was different, but that's what the show wanted...a change.

Gail Neuman

I strongly dislike Erin Andrews-her voice is too loud and annoying

knitt... knittykitty99

Brooke always kind of put me to sleep too.

nonmember avatar Jackie R

I have to disagree. Brooke was awkward & clumsy with interviews, Erin does this for a living & it shows. I thought she brought exactly what this show has long needed, personality. It was fun and she knew how to keep it moving. Not sure Tom Bergeron will like the competition but I look forward to it.

nonmember avatar Karen

I totally disagree. I enjoyed Erin. I thought she did a great job. I thought Brooke was very rude sometimes and cut people off.

Shilo... Shiloh2010

I agree with Jackie R.  I thought Brooke was awkward and clumsy with interviews, also rude at times.  She would cut people off like she didn't care what they had to say.  Showed no compassion when someone was eliminated at times - very short.  I thought Erin did a great job.  Her interviews were great and relaxed. 

Juliette Alorda Thompson

Derek and Amy were breath taking. That took a lot of courage but when you are dancing with the best on the show, how can you go wrong? Love Derek, he always showcases hs partner insrtead of himself.


Shirley Strickler

I think Erin did a great job she adds comedy to the show:)

Bessie Peery

AMY&DEREK,very good,Charlie and Charlene very good, great show, waiting for tonight,

Charlotte Trowbridge-Baker

I miss Brooke, couldn't stand Erin's voice. We will see as the season progresses.


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