This 'Teen Mom' Star's Weird New Tattoo Is Unexplainable (PHOTO)

Katie YeagerI like tattoos. I really do! I even have one myself, and I have plans for more someday (sorry mom). I'm also a big fan of freedom of expression, and since inking something on your body is about as free as you can get when it comes to expressing yourself, I can dig random tattoos.

That being said -- there is just some body art I can't really wrap my brain around. A lot of it has to do with Miley Cyrus, like that new sad kitty she got inked inside her mouth, or that guy who tattooed a 'Wrecking Ball' vignette on his arm.

And I totally don't understand Katie Yeager's new tattoo either.

The Teen Mom 3 star tweeted a picture of her stomach, showing off her prominent new ink. Like, not just her stomach, or her side, or her hip area or rib cage -- think belly button. Girl got her belly button tattooed.

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Of course she's following in some Teen Mom footsteps here -- Amber Portwood has a tattoo of her daughter Leah's face on her belly -- but Katie opted not to immortalize her baby's face on her midsection. Nope, she decided to go for a little girl spray painting a rainbow on her belly button.

Katie Yeager Tattoo

Like I said, to each their own, but I really can't wrap my brain around this one.

What do you think of Katie Yeager's latest body art?


Images via Katie Yeager/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Blake

I was going to say the same thing it's a bansky painting just done on her stomach

nonmember avatar Wtf

That is one of the crappiest tattoos I have ever seen. The colors are nice, but the 'little girl' looks weird and creepy as hell. Ew.

nonmember avatar Kayla

I think it's just the placement that makes it weird.....

Marika Janee Rondan

It's a watercolor's suppose to look that way. As for placement...random

nonmember avatar Sheesh

This may be an effort to cover up some post baby body trauma (stretch marks). Give it a rest.

nonmember avatar jenny

We'll see what it looks like when she's 80.

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