Jenelle Evans' Car Seat Pic Brings Out the Judgy Moms (PHOTO)


Jenelle EvansOMG, people, calm the ever lovin' F down! Everyone knows that moms get all fanatical when it comes to car seats -- and people get extremely opinionated when it comes to Jenelle Evans. So combine the two and you've got yourself a ticking time bomb of extremely fanatical opinions! A keg full o' haterade. It's scary. Anyway, Jenelle made the enormous mistake of daring to post a photo of herself with a bunch of kids, including Jace and it looks like Nathan's daughter, Emery, and another kid and ... blast it!! Let's critique the car seat, shall we?!

The comments about the car seat (unclear who the kid in the car seat is):

- It honestly doesn't look like that car seat is even installed. Blanket across the seat behind it and it's sitting at an angle. This isn't something involving "haters" this is genuinely scary for the child.

- That car seat doesn't even appear to be seat belted in. Just because they are in the backseat doesn't mean they are automatically safe. I'd almost guarantee if they were pulled over she could be charged with child endangerment.

- You can tell by looking at the car seat it's not installed right. But whatever, can't argue with stupid.

- It's clearly not right its crooked.

Many, however, thought that Jace (apparently in a booster seat) and the baby were just fine.

(You can read the Great Car Seat debate here.)

I asked an expert her opinion of the photo and she warns everyone not to be so judgmental. Says Allana Pinkerton, Diono's Child Passenger Safety Advocate: "It's really hard to tell from a photo how a car seat is installed. There are different types of seat belt systems; we don’t even know what kind of vehicle that is. That poor mom, whoever she is, might have tried to do everything right. You really can't judge an installation by a photo."

More from The Stir: Your Child's Car Seat Isn't As Safe As You Think

Okay, so Allana is not a Teen Mom watcher. But she's right, you can't make a sweeping assumption based on a photo unless something is egregiously wrong. So chill, peeps.

But since Jenelle is having a baby soon, she might want to read this.

What do you think of all of these comments about the car seat?


Image via Instagram

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1RedH... 1RedHottMama

I think if people don't want others opinions then don't post pictures to public forums. 

nonmember avatar mimi

It could have the latches that connect to the bottom of the back of the seat. Ours do that. Or a seat belt that is run through the back, we have one that does that as well.

Rebekah Ruiz Schreiner

I was about to say the same thing. We have a car seat that attaches through the back. People are so quick to get mad, it's a picture. Who really knows.

nonmember avatar ChildCarSeatSaf

It should always be an environment of knowledge sharing and not about judgement. We bet that if an expert was to visit/inspect the car seats of those making judgemental remarks; they would eat their words. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 car seats fail inspections. Share the knowledge in a polite and courteous way to accomplish saving more child lives.

Mary Carbery

Nothing Janelle Evans does surprises me.

LeAnna White Jimenez

This could be a number of things. One of the other kids could have unbuckled the seat and she was unaware. As a mother of three this happens to me all the time. People need to stop judging so quickly.

nonmember avatar sheezy

it's a hummer.. now tell me if the seatbelt is installed right? she is too short to hardly get into that car while "pregnant" let alone help her mom install her nephews carseat correctly.

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