Jenelle Evans Doesn't Need to Post Pics of Nathan Griffith's Daughter

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans, whose relationship with baby daddy Nathan Griffith seems to be back on track after their megafight was leaked to the press (i.e. Jenelle gave it to a "friend"), recently spent time with Nathan's daughter by another mother, Emery. She posted pics of her and the little girl on Instagram. Some commenters were not pleased.

Many commenters seemed to find the pic she posted of herself and Emery disrespectful. Wrote one commenter:

I would be pissed if some other girl was taking pictures with my son. You should be taking pictures with your son instead of his daughter.

Wrote another:

She should respect that little girls mother and not post pictures on Instagram if she has legal docs saying this is not to be done! Good way to get those supervised visits taken away from that so-called dad again but as usual Jenelle only cares about herself per her life on Teen Mom!

Presumably, Jenelle wouldn't risk custody arrangements if she wasn't allowed to publicize the little girl -- but it does beg the question, WHY? Why does a toddler who is not part of the Teen Mom franchise have to be publicized? Frankly, I imagine by the time this little girl is applying to college, she will not want herself associated with Jenelle Evans. (Let's hope she gets to college.)

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As for Jenelle and Nathan, let's hope their relationship can last past the cancellation of Teen Mom 2. Once Jenelle isn't bringing in a regular paycheck, it remains to be seen how interested Nathan will be.

Do you think she should have posted pics of the girl?


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nonmember avatar Amanda

It is her instagram she can post what ever she wants too. I didnt know that instagram was only for the people who were on teen mom. My bad maybe I should delete mine. What if the girls mom said she could post them. Maybe jennelle is friends with Nathan's daughters mom on instagram. Just because she uses instagram to post pictures doesnt mean everything she posts has to be about teen mom.

Tenikka Rae Stanley

Yes if the other girl doesn't care why is it a big deal! Coming from a mom who has to share one of children I would love to see a girl actually giving time to my child instead of ignoring her...

nonmember avatar karen

What she needs is to have her son with her. I don't know how people can like her if she isn't a good mom at all.

Kellie Osburn

Am I the only person shaking my head at this article?

nonmember avatar Frannie

It's not like you can even see the kid's face. If she were looking straight at the camera it would be one thing, but I couldn't pick this little girl out of a crowd based on that photo.

sandl... sandlinmix6

I agree she should have jace with her too as a family taking pics, but from what I see the most is Barbara not letting her take jace with her places. So you can't say she did or didn't try to take him with her. No one knows what takes place behind closed doors. 

Brittany Kirk

i think its okay because its her half step whatever you wanna call it baby

Nanna... Nannaof18

GOD people get a grip she's young she made mistakes get over it already and I have 5 step kids I've been with for 27 years now I have always taken pic with them from day one and maybe jace was with Nathan doing something else that's called bonding with your future family

Ryans... RyansMa11

For the love of God, NO one would give a flying rat's a$$ if she wasn't famous! I post pics of my boyfriend's kids all the time on my social media sites and no one cries about or bats an eye! So sick of everyone being so damn sensitive and crying over crap that is NONE of your business! How do you know she didn't have the mom's permission? You don't!

nonmember avatar B

Do you know how ridiculous this is? If all step parents were treated like this, like they are some kind of horrible person, life would be miserable for everyone! I think by not getting along or at least making an effort, whoever you are, truly shows what kind of person you are. IF you didnt want your kid taking pictures with another woman who happens to be with the father of your baby then maybe you shouldnt have seperated or had a kid so damn early. You want to make grown up decisions and be a grown up then act like one instead of like a damn teenager. My step mom is the most amazing person ever and I can promise you my mom would be more pissed if she never posted pictures of me throughout my life. This shouldnt even be a story.. leave this poor girl alone.

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