10 Reasons Why Madonna Has Nothing on the Real Mother of Dragons (GIFS)

madonna daenerysMadonna made headlines recently for dressing up as one of our favorite characters from Game of Thrones last Saturday. Of course, the 55-year-old picked Daenerys Targaryen, and she kind of put every fan to shame by going completely all out with the costume. Posting to Instagram, she captioned the photo of her costume (dragons included) with: "Happy Purim!!!!! All Hail All Queens! #certainty."

She's really rockin' that platinum blonde wig, and those bangles, and her arms. Damn. For 55 years old, Madonna looks good. She's also got the pale coloring and big, beautiful eyes to appropriately pay homage to the Mother of Dragons.

Sadly, though all Game of Thrones fans know that she's got nothin' on the real Daenerys (yes, the HBO version = real), played by the gorgeous Emilia Clarke. We take these things kinda seriously. Here are 10 reasons why.


1.) She's hot. Like, super hot. Sorry Madge.


2. She eats horse heart and doesn't throw it back up.


3. She's a complete and utter badass:


4. She's THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS. Not fake ones attached to her shoulder! Just super-realistic CGI ones, but who cares?



5. She doesn't mind getting violent when it counts.


6. She was part of the greatest, most tragic love story ever since Romeo & Juliet.

daenerys drogo

daenerys drogo

7. And she's also part of one of the most tragic, unrequited love stories in Game of Thrones as well. (Poor Jorah.)


8. She's so politically correct. Can't say that for Madonna, can ya?


9. And she's a feminist.


10. And, last but not least, THIS ENTIRE SCENE.

Eat your (horse) heart out, Madonna. Emilia is amazing. But we can't hate on Madonna's awesome costume. This was really just an excuse to go over how beautiful and inspiring Emilia Clarke is, so you can't blame us, can you?

It just gets us even more excited to see what Daenerys has in store for us on April 6, when season 4 finally premieres. Her dragons in the recent trailers look a lot bigger than the one Madonna's rocking -- let's hope she can keep them under control! And that Jorah will forever be ok in "friendzone" territory.

Is Daenerys your favorite character on Game of Thrones?


Image via Madonna/Instagram

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