Beyonce Really Doesn't Want to Attend Kim Kardashian's Wedding

BeyoncePoor Beyonce. She really is in quite a pickle. Queen Bey knows that her husband, Jay Z, will be expected to go to his best friend Kanye West's wedding to Kim Kardashian -- but she also knows the "tacky" affair will be filmed for the even tackier Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This puts her in quite a spot and rumor has it she really does not want to go.

A source tells RadarOnline that Beyonce has told Jay Z that "under no circumstances will she be a part of any filming on the wedding day if it's for Kim's reality show." The source adds:

Jay and Beyoncé’s wedding was shrouded in secrecy and extreme lengths were made to make sure their wedding was an intimate affair for friends and family, only. This will be the complete opposite. She thinks it's just tacky. Beyoncé’s motto has always been, less is more. But clearly when it comes to Kim, more means more. She knows she’ll have to go to the wedding, but really does not to want to.

No doubt this not only puts Beyonce and Jay in an awkward position, but the E! television camera operators as well. Imagine having Beyonce, Jay, and possibly even Blue Ivy sitting there right in front of you and you can't even film them!

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No doubt the dynamic duo want to support Kanye, who the source says considers the powerhouse couple his "family," but it's kind of unfair for family to make demands that go against your deepest values. Surely, Kanye must know that not everyone wants to be a reality star.

Do you think Bey and Jay should go?


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Gianna Markolus

except this is fake. Everything Radar writes it. The media are like stupid sheep

nonmember avatar bee

Hell no!!! They shouldn't go if it's a private affair ok. But To be all out there no they shouldn't " bey& Jay don't do it".luv ya

nonmember avatar Tiffany

It's not a secret Beyonce was never fond of Kim from the jump. She respected it because of the relationship between Jay & Kanye. I think she feels what everyone else feels and that's Kanye can do so much better. Who wants to be someone's third husband and have it televised? Again? Sadly, everyone, famous or not, makes decisions they regret and that can ruin them. Look at every person these girls have dealt with. Kris Humphries & Reggie bush were traded. Ray J's career hit a stand still. Lamar Odom got injured and isn't playing basketball anymore and relapsed in his drug addiction. And rumor has it, Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman. You really wanna marry into a family with a track record like that?

nonmember avatar Gina

Beyonce has no respect for KK who is a fame ho. Kanye has probably been advised hundreds of times to get a pre-nup.

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