Angry 'RHOBH' Fans Try to Boot Brandi Glanville From the Show

brandi glanvilleNot everyone likes Brandi Glanville. Sorry, it's just a fact. She, like the classic go-to reality star tagline, is the kind of person you either love or hate. And it seems like right now, a lot of people hate her. A group of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans put together a petition to have Brandi banned from the show. And although the fans do have some valid points in their well-thought out analysis, OMG, what are you people doing creating a RHOBH petition?!!!!


The petition was initiated by a woman named Lori Chase, and among her complaints about Glanville, she writes, "Brandi Glanville has made repetitive comments in the open media, social media, the actual television show and interviews which are distasteful and offensive to many groups of people. She jokes about racial stereotypes and child molestation among other very serious issues. Her behaviour and words are hurtful, offensive, and repulsive beyond the point of entertainment or good TV." The petition, thus far, has been signed by over 1,000 people.

I'm a fan of Brandi's and don't think she ought to be kicked off of the show, but I do think it's high time she clean up her act a bit. I'm all for dirty and inappropriate humor, but when it starts getting racial or super insensitive (Brandi tweeted, "Some dumb**** just jumped off the 2nd story of the Grove parking structure. If you’re going to try and ruin my movie at least go to the top floor," after a man took his own life), it's time to realize it's not funny, it's just foolish and mean.

I honestly think the most shocking thing about this entire petition situation is the fact that there is a petition situation at all. I mean, if you dislike Brandi that much, there's an easy way to avoid her: Stop watching RHOBH. But on the other hand, maybe the fact that there was a petition created will get Brandi to think before she talks from here on out. #butkindofdoubtit

Do you like Brandi? Do you think she should be kicked off the show?

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nonmember avatar April

Brandi should be a comedian...they are allowed to say funny and yes sometimes distasteful insensitive things without getting a huge amount of backlash..and I thought we were free to express ourselves we better add unless ppl object....LOL

nonmember avatar NanGee

I will not watch any more fake reality show weddings. What I *would* watch is someone taking Brandi to court and suing her skanky ass for defamation and libel. Expose her lies. Bankruptcy would be nice, as well as losing custody of those poor kids of hers. If she has to stay on RHOBH, I'm looking for some speedy karma, thank you very much.

nonmember avatar greta

I find her distasteful and outrageous, but then again, I think that is exactly what she is paid to do--be offensive and start fights. If we are starting petitions, can I start one to get Carlton off the show?

nonmember avatar Maureen

Yes, not only does she have a dirty mouth but she us just a mean girl.

nonmember avatar Travis

I don't think that people understand the reality of REALITY television. It's ok to have your own opinion about ANY of the housewives. Everyone is attracted to different types of personalities. I, personally don't understand why people react the way they do to things that ANY of the housewives say/do. Is it REALLY affecting your life so much that you have to sign a petition to kick someone off? Do you KNOW these women? Do we REALLY ever find out what is true when it comes to these "stories"? I've actually met Brandi Glanville and she's very intelligent and (gasp) extremely nice (VERY down to Earth). People are so quick to judge people they have never met and to me, that's just ridiculous.

nonmember avatar fakepetition

You need to update your article, it's not RHOBH fans who made the petition, the petition was made by one of Leann's fans. The person who made the account goes by Ginger Hines on twitter and she uses many twitter accounts to harass Brandi. Did you notice that just about everyone who signed the petition has some connection to Leann Rimes? Check it out. Why are are all of Brandi's haters Leann's fans?

nonmember avatar bill robinson

shes the best to watch on the show!

Diana Guenzler

I can't believe some poeple get so emotionally invested in these women on these so called "reality" shows. There's nothing real about them. Real people don't act the way they do or do the things they do or say the things they say to "real" friends! The viewing audience are being manipulated by Bravo producers and some cast members for the drama. More drama insures the longevity of the show.  Just because you see them in TV each week doesn't mean you know them or know what they would say or do! It's TV folks!

nonmember avatar KAREN KING


Nina St Clair-MacPherson

Saaayyyy?? Did anyone catch "The Bachelor" this week?? Now THERE's a story.......

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