Chelsea Houska Regrets Her Big Co-Parenting Mistake (VIDEO)

Chelsea HouskaIf it's one thing Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska knows (aside from style), it's the difficulty of co-parenting with a difficult ex. You know, when Adam Lind has even been around.

Apparently the birth of Adam's second daughter Paislee has lit a fire under his rear, and now 4-year-old Aubree's mostly absent dad wants to spend more time with her. He recently served Chelsea with papers to assert his parental rights to see Aubree, which understandably had Chels pretty upset, which led to her breaking the cardinal co-parenting golden rule: Thou shall not speak badly of thy ex in front of thine offspring.

On last week's episode, Chelsea was served the papers for visitation that rocked her world. She bitched about it with a girlfriend, because duh, it sucks when you have a routine down, and your ex throws a wrench into it. Plus, she's done all the hard work through baby and toddler hood, and now that Aubree's a funny little big kid, Adam wants in on it? Pfffft.

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Anyway, Chelsea lamented to her friend about how she's been the sole caretaker of her child for along time. She said, ”I get up, get her ready, get breakfast, bring her to daycare and then I go to school ... then I bring her home, make dinner, give her a bath and put her to bed. Everyday. That’s my day. What does he do?”

"Nothing," was the response.

Then sweet Aubree piped up, "Like my dad?" Whoops.

The grown-ups said they were talking about someone else, but the jury may be out on whether Aubs knew who they were talking about. But the thing is -- kids are not only perceptive, but they are half of that person you loathe. By insulting them, your kid feels like you're insulting her.

In a “Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment," Chelsea said she regretted talking negatively about Adam in front of Aubree. ”I never want to put any opinions about him in her head,” she said. “I want her to make her own [decisions], and I don’t want her to think she can’t like him because I don’t get along with him.”

She also said that she wants to take the high road when it comes to Adam, since he likely doesn't pay her the same courtesy. "I don't know what he does," she said (this time with Aubree safely out of earshot). "I can guarantee he's like, 'Your mom's a bitch.'"

It sucks, but the high road really is the only way to travel when you are co-parenting with a difficult ex. The kids always know in the end anyway which parent consistently loves and care for them unconditionally.

Do you think co-parents should avoid talking about each other in front of the kids?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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Jai Hutto

Actually the phrase was "he HAS nothing" and that's when Aubree said "Like my dad?". 
My son's dad has been this way for the past 11 years. When he would get a new girlfriend he would be all gung-ho and "I want to see my kid" ....but eventually it would die off, he'd quit his job, stop paying child support and then the girlfriend would leave and we wouldn't hear anything from him for a while....then he'd meet another one and it would start all over again. Sometimes, kids hear shit even when you think you're out of earshot. It happened to me a couple of times when my son was younger and I would always get down on his level and apologize for saying it. Over the years I have learned a few things about parenting. No one is perfect. Children have an amazing knack for sensing WHO you are talking about, so nine times out of ten the "spelling" thing doesn't work. And, probably the biggest thing  is that the children will eventually learn the truth about their parents and when they do they will interalize and then blame themselves for the absence of said parent.

nonmember avatar Guest182

No parent should ever talk smack about their child's father or mother in front of them. What most parents don't seem to realize that when a child is little they see you the parent, mom and dad as you being there only source of comfort, protection, teacher, and fun nothing more. Children don't ask to be born especially when it's on unpredictable circumstances. Fact is most people move way too fast when dealing with relationships and most are with that person for all the wrong reasons....smh! In the end in most cases and Chelsea Houska is living proof of this sad situation. I hope that girl moves on and stop being so bitter about Adam's current relationship.

Paige Jillian Thornton

Aubree is definitely old enough to know her parents talk crap about each other. She didn't tell Chelsea anything about her baby sister after the visit obviously BC she knows her mom would be less than thrilled. And Chelsea's bad mouthing Adam but justifying it by calling him A-D-A-M isn't going to cut it any more. Aubree us not a baby anymore.

nonmember avatar Beth

Honestly, I'm in a similar situation. Sometimes you need to vent  and speak badly about your child's dad. And she felt awful about Aubree understanding it. It was an eye opener. That's what matters. Taking the high road is exactly what she is doing. I don't look down on her at all for venting about Adam.

nolan... noland72587

Jai Hutto-- My kids dad is the exact same way.  He currently owes almost 10,000 in back child support.  Him and his on again/off again girlfriend are back on, so now he wants to be around my kids.  They even went to get pictures taken at his church WITH the girlfriend.  The photographer called her their mom.  That ticked me off.  My husband has been more of a dad to them than their own dad.  Regardless, I still try really hard to not say anything bad about them.

Jennifer Starr

I'm almost 40 years old ad my mom sill talks bad about my dad to me. When they divorced it was nasty, she did just about everything she could to try to ruin my relationship with him. When he remarried t a wonderful woman who was good for him and us kids my mom went ballistic. It affects our relationship still and it affects her relationship with her grandchilren because she flatly refuses to atend anything that involves my dad and stepmom. My brothers andI tried to do two different get togethersat the holidays so that we could have them with her too, but then it got to be a scheduling nightmare because of in-laws and other family members wanting to attend both. Finally we sat down with m mom and said, the issue is yours, he's our dad, get over it or don't come, you're choice. Dad, to his credit, has never said one bad word about our mom to us. When we would question him about stuff she said he would always tell us that someday, when we had adult relationships of our own, we would understand.

nonmember avatar Confusedviewer

Until she completely let Adam go, she will continually have that bittersweet attitude. So what he has another baby on the way move on with your life and QUIT looking back. It is obvious she has not gotten over him bc if she did this relationship he's in will not affect her. He not doing for Aubree, fine but he still Aubree dad. Trust I have one that do not do a thing for our child. I do not interfere he come around one day and the next day he don't but I don't ever want to hear my child say mom I remember dad coming over but YOU didn't allow him to see me. I have seen it where instead the child being mad with the absent parent their anger turns on YOU! But trust and believe she will see without you or him telling her anything. In a way I see this being more about her then it is about Aubree. Move on he clearly has!

nonmember avatar Katie

In her defense Chelsea did realize her mistake immediately and told her friend they needed to pick up he conversation when Aubree wasn't around. Adam is a lousy father and a jerk and I'm sure he does say things about Chelsea with Aubreye around. It's good that Chelsea wants to take the high road with it. Personally out of every teen mom I'm most impressed with her! She's been such an amazing mom to Aubree. She really has stepped up. I have a baby on the way and don't get along with the father but will never talk bad about him in front of her. It's the worst thing you can do.

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