Anti-Vax Jenny McCarthy Ripped to Shreds After Asking Completely Innocent Question

jenny mccarthyPerhaps it's because Kristin Cavallari just said that she doesn't vaccinate her son, due to the fear that immunizations cause autism, but Jenny McCarthy is getting a lot of hate thrown her way right now, sort of out of left field. After McCarthy wrote the innocuous tweet, "What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate? Reply using #JennyAsks," a whole slew of people attacked the View cohost for her anti-vax stance, and as the person who started the vaccination/autism connection rumor.

On the one hand, I think some of the comments are out of line, being that Jenny's question had nothing to do with the issue. But on the other, if a celeb is going to use their position to spread potentially dangerous medical misinformation, they ought to be ready for the pro-science community to speak up.

But yikes. Check out some of the responses Jenny got.

  • "Somebody who gets that refusing vaccines because of 'toxins' and then shilling for e-cigs makes you a pathetic hypocrite #JennyAsks" 
  • "Someone who think vaccines are safe"
  • "#JennyAsks Someone who doesn't spread false info causing disease"
  • "Someone who believes in data & science, not discredited, fake medical 'experts' or anecdotal evidence"
Jenny is yet to respond to the comments (and, uh, probably best she doesn't if she doesn't want this to get even bigger), but again, it isn't a complete shock that Twitter users would attack her after Cavallari vocalized that she's following in her footsteps and not vaccinating her children.

I feel sort of bad for McCarthy that she's being ripped to shreds for asking a non-controversial question that has nothing to do with vaccinations whatsoever, but she probably shouldn't expect to live this one down. She was involved in the serious spreading of wrong information, and influenced a lot of people. There ought to be some accountability.
Do you think people were out of line in their comments to McCarthy?
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nonmember avatar yanci gonzalez

What does exist have yo do w anything? Ppl just need to stop involving themselves w others keep opinions to yourself and everything w be fine I hate how ppl can judge and say things to other here's one for all if u don't have a medical or scientific degree don't give any medical opinion on anything its ur opinion but guess what it's their choice to listen go along or even give a thought to what u say. What happened to the day when we didn't say anything if we didn't have anything nice to say

nonmember avatar LCC

No. She deserves every bit of flak people can give her. Her anti-vax position is completely unfounded and she is causing continuing and significant harm to our society by spreading dangerous misinformation. The health of my children and yours is threatened by the anti-vax movement. Jenny McCarthy deserves to be discredited and held accountable for her reckless disregard for public health, and the sooner the better!

nonmember avatar EmmyFL

Please. If you can find ONE quote in which Jenny tells you not to vaccinate your child, please share it.

All Jenny does is tell her son't story and share the concerns hundreds of thousands of mothers have. None of us wanted our toddlers to have horrific reactions to vaccines. What are we supposed to do- take a vow of silence?

This is America and people have a right to share their opinions and you have a right to ignore those opinions.

nonmember avatar Rod Johnson

Do you know what causes Autism? If you don't, you can't say for certain that vaccines designed to trigger a profuse immune response aren't a cause or a contributor. WHO and pharma don't care about your child. They just make sure they have enough in the settlement fund.It's science, not a religion.

nonmember avatar Jess

Sorry, but I know lots of people who didn't vaccinate and their information didn't come from Jenny McCarthy. She is just a mom who states her opinions. I disagree with certain celebrities all the time- I move on with my life and make my own decisions.

mommy... mommy211983

She spread misinformation and deserves backlash.

ds79 ds79 say her anti-vax position is completely unfounded is ignorant. Where have you done YOUR research and where do you get your info from????

Rando... Randomlady

Dunno about the vacc thing entirely but she swears that having your kids with autism go completely GFCF is the cure all for it.

Frost... FrostyMelted

She's indirectly harmed children. No sympathy for her. 

Stephanie Anne-Marie Miracle

yall need to STFU who cares if shes anti vax? to each their own i say. No one has the right to judge anyone else. And FYI theres a whole acccount set up to pay the VICTIMS of vaccines. they may not cause autism (alhtough we do NOT know for sure they dont) BUT they DO hurt some kids. so shut your uneducated mouths and live your OWN lives.

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