Another Olsen Sister Gets Engaged & Her Timing Couldn't Be Worse

elizabeth olsen boyd holbrookIt's a huge time to be an Olsen and in love. Well, only if you are two of the three Olsen sisters. Mary-Kate Olsen, 27, got engaged at the end of February to her much older boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, 44, with the blessings of both families. Except Sarkozy's ex-wife who called the pairing “grotesque.” They are totes happy and in love and Olivier has even said that MK makes him a better dad. His kids are 12 and 10 so Mary-Kate is still within "proper" stepmother age. Whatever that means.

But now just a couple weeks after that happy news, Mary-Kate is being upstaged by her sister who just announced her engagement, too. And of course she is! That's part of life being a twin, isn't it?

Only it's not Ashley who is stealing her thunder; it's Elizabeth -- MK and Ashley's younger sister. Elizabeth, 25, said yes to actor Boyd Holbrook, 32. They've been dating since 2012 and picked now to tell the world they are engaged. Right after her older sis revealed the same news.

I'm feeling a bit bad for Mary-Kate. She's a twin. Twins are constantly compared and expected to do things at the same time, and here she is doing her own thing, getting engaged, planning a wedding, and her little sis comes along and gets engaged, too. I know Elizabeth and Boyd's love for each other has nothing to do with what Mary-Kate is doing, but I sort of feel they could have waited just a wee bit longer. Allowed MK to bask in her bride-to-be moment. Let the Olsen parents figure out how they are going to pay for this million-dollar affair and not steal the spotlight.

But no. Two weddings in the works now. Which isn't a bad thing, of course. Just maybe a little weird. And difficult for Ashley who no doubt feels left out. They both better make her the maid of honor, that's for sure.

What do you think of the news Elizabeth is getting engaged just weeks after Mary-Kate announced the same?


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Was this written tongue in cheek? The twins Olsen don't seem to care for publicity so I highly doubt that her sister getting engaged would upset her apple cart, she probably prefers it; it gets the spotlight off her.

worki... workingmama86

Um... so what? It's just an anouncement... not that big of a deal... 

nonmember avatar Foster

So you're going to make one sister his her happy news just because the other might be jealous? I don't know them but the Olson sisters strike me as self-confident women that don't care who announces what at what time. I'm sure they are all happy for each other. Way to make something out of nothing The Stir

CLM3345 CLM3345

This is so dumb. and just contributes to cattiness. They're sisters so they shouldn't get engaged at the same time and "steal each other's thunder?" Ridiculous. As sisters, I'm sure they're all happy for each other. Also, I'm sure money for the wedding is not an issue for any of them.

nonmember avatar KEL

Wow! Your sense of bridal entitlement is off the charts! No one should have to live their life on someone else's schedule. I got engaged three months after my cousin, and that still pissed her off. Enough that when she heard we were eloping that summer, and having a renewal the following year on our anniversary, she moved her wedding up a year, and then changed the date to the day before our anniversary. People like you foster cattiness, and create bridezillas.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Haha reminds me of my "best friend" who got upset because I got engaged and married first, and then tried to get pregnant because I did out of jealousy. You wouldn't happen to be guilty of something similar yourself, would you Ms. Zipp?

nonmember avatar Ajea

I'm sure they're happy for each other. If I had a sister and we were both engaged, I like to think we'd have fun going through all the bride-to-be feelings together and discussing our upcoming wedding plans. And "two weddings in the works?" One pair could get married six months from now and the other six years from now, I haven't seen any date set for either of their weddings. Also, Ashley is a confident, smart woman, I'm sure she's happy for her sisters instead of feeling "left out." These are grown women, not immature little girls.

Christina Osborne

My sister and I were both engaged and married within a month of each other. Who cares?


Damn I never knew that if your sister got engage you were not allowed to for a certain amount of time. What is an acceptable amount of time to wait. A month, 2, 6? A year perhaps. Maybe the second sibling or in this case third sibling should never get engaged at all. Just so that there are no hard feelings.

youth... youthfulsoul

Dumb. Of course she can get engaged and announce it whenever it happened, regardless of who else is recently engaged. 

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